Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

Adele cancels concert at the last minute. Fans leave no stone unturned

Adele (check!) released an album in November 2021 “thirty”. Instead of going on a world tour, she decided to reside with her show in Las Vegas. However, from the very beginning it struggled with technical problems. “Weekends with Adele” it was initially scheduled to start in January 2022, but one of her team members contracted COVID-19. It later turned out that the star was not satisfied with the stage design, and the concerts started almost a year after the album’s premiere, i.e. on November 18, 2022.

Even then, she faced the ire of fans who often spent considerable sums of money to afford a weekend in Vegas. Her tour was supposed to end on March 15, 2024, but it is already known that this will certainly not happen. The singer announced that she was forced to cancel all performances at the Colosseum Palace in March. The reason is poor health, or more precisely, the voice, which did not have time to regenerate after several infections.

“Unfortunately I have to rest and put my Vegas residency on hold. I was sick at the end of the last tour and throughout the break. I didn’t quite have a chance to get back to full health before resuming my performances, and now I’m sick again and unfortunately it’s all had an impact on my voice.” – explains Adele and adds that the decision was made at the advice of doctors. “And so, according to the doctors’ recommendations, I have no choice but to rest. The remaining five weekends of this tour are postponed to a later date. We are already working on the details. We will send information as soon as possible. I love you, I will miss you like crazy and I am sorry for inconvenience,” she wrote.

Ultimately, she canceled the dates from March 1 to 30. Just like two years ago, Adele’s fans are not very understanding. In the comments, they accuse her of saying that such changes should be presented long in advance. Many believe that February 28 is far too late to provide such information.

“You shouldn’t have planned so many shows. Who will pay for the flights and hotels already booked?”; “It’s really not serious… She’s wonderful and charming, but the tickets were very expensive and the whole trip was just to see her, and now it’s almost impossible to come back!” – we read.