Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

A film about Bob Marley conquers the American box office. What was the flop of the year?

For the second week in a row, a biographical film “Bob Marley: One Love” is the leader in the North American box office. Interestingly, Reinaldo Marcus Green’s production maintained the lead despite a 53% drop in revenues compared to the previous premiere weekend.

According to Variety, USD 13.5 million was enough for the biographical production to maintain its leading position in the North American box office. It was not threatened by three cinema premieres, which could be seen in local cinemas from Friday, January 23. Currently, Green’s film account already has USD 120 million – the production budget was USD 70 million.

It did the best among the premiere items Japanese anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Hashira Training”, which ranks second. The film, shown in almost two thousand American theaters, earned $11.5 million.

In third place was the weekend’s other premiere, a movie “Ordinary Angels” with a two-time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank starring. The $6.2 million earned by this drama is not the best result, but audience ratings, especially women over 25, indicate that this religious film based on a true story may enjoy good audiences for a long time.

The worst of the new stuff the sensational comedy did well “Goodbye Dolls” by Ethan Coen (“Fargo”). The $2.5 million she earned was only enough to place eighth. The film cannot hope to improve this result, as indicated by poor reviews from critics and viewers.

The comic book took fourth place in the North American box office “Madam Web” with $6 million in the account. It is already certain that it will be the second one the biggest cinema flop of early 2024 after the film “Argylle – Secret Spy”. The budget of this production was USD 80 million, and after two weeks of showing it in cinemas, it grossed only USD 77 million worldwide.

Animation rounds out the top five at the North American box office “Flighted”which earned $3 million.