PUBG Returned With Battleground In India to Know About Pre-Register Date!!!
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PUBG Returned With Battleground In India to Know About Pre-Register Date!!!

Pre-registrations for PubG Battlegrounds Mobile India are already published on the Google Play Store. Krafton created the console, which is intended to be a substitute for PUBG Mobile.

When Will The PUBG Be Available For Playing?

Krafton has still not made any statement about the game’s actual unveiling, but considering that pre-registration is started, it should be shortly unveiled. Last September, the console versions of PUBG Mobile, and other hosts of other Chinese games were blocked in India.

PUBG Returned With Battleground In India to Know About Pre-Register Date!!!

How Can One Pre-Register For The PUBG?

On the Android device, open the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you should use a web browser. In India, look for Battlegrounds Mobile. When searching, be certain to write the same wording.

The game will appear on the search pages. It’s marked as ‘Coming Soon.’  Then click on it and then on the hyperlink to pre-register. Please ensure the creator for the game is identified as ‘Krafton.’ Many other google results of a related game title were also visible. Only make sure you don’t download or install them yet anyway.

What Is The Benefit Of Pre-Registering?

Pre-registered users can get 4 benefits: the Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG, which will most probably be the game’s unit of account. As per Krafton, this prize is only distributed to pre-registered game players. The game only exists in India. It’s a battle royale game in which several players compete for survival. The champion will be the last one alive, much as in PUBG Mobile. We’re not certain if the winner will be dubbed the “Chicken Winner” as in PUBG Mobile.

The game will also receive extensive frequent content updates. In addition, the battle royale game will feature in-game activities, costumes, and elements that are exclusive to India. Krafton also intends to provide a devoted esports community for the title, with a constant stream of championships and competitions.

What Is Essential To Play The Game?

Secured network access is required for the PUBG. The game needs Android 5.1.1 or higher, as well as at least 2 GB of Storage space.

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