Chumlee Net Worth 2021: Pawn Star, Famous Deals, Blunders And Personal Life!!!
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Chumlee Net Worth 2021: Pawn Star, Famous Deals, Blunders And Personal Life!!!

The word ‘Pawn Stars’ immediately paints an image of the hit business trio of Rick, Corey, and Chumlee. The show is one of History Channel’s biggest commercial successes. Austin “Chumlee” Russell is one of the most popular personalities on the show. Chumlee has gathered a huge fan following owing to his dumb-witted decisions, cute appearance, and his loyalty to the shop owner Rick and his friend Corey. For every episode of ‘Pawn Stars’ that airs on TV, he earns a salary of $25,000. As of 2021, Austin Chumlee Net Worth is $5 million.

Know More About The Chumlee Net Worth

Chumlee might have earned most of his popularity from his dim-witted appearance but he is an astute businessman. After gaining popularity, Austin started his own company that sells his self-designed novelty items. He later sold half of his stakes in the company to Rick. Chum also owns a Candy shop called “Chumlee’s Candy” in Las Vegas.

Chumlee Net Worth 2021: Pawn Star, Famous Deals, Blunders And Personal Life!!!

Chumlee has been an integral part of the show providing comic relief in a tense environment. He takes home a salary of $25 thousand for each episode. Chumlee is involved with the merchandising industry as well and the sale of his merchandise is bigger than any other personalities on the show. Russell is also involved in real estate. He sold his 6,200 square-foot mansion for $1.375 Million that he had bought for $1.1 Million. The “Pawn Stars” celebrity is today worth a massive $5 Million and this figure seem to be heading upwards. Turns out Chumlee is not that dumb after all !!

Famous Deals & Blunders

Over the years, Chumlee has been involved in a number of mishaps that have caused the shop a lot of dollars. He once purchased a fake Gibson guitar with a true value of $100 for an amazing $1500. Chumlee often takes the fake antics to be real and ends up paying some big bucks for it. In order to impress his boss, Chumlee cracked a deal with a customer for an old painting for quite a sum of money but it later came to light that the painting was a replica and wasn’t worth a lot. Chumlee ended up on the receiving end of the heat. Read more about the  Chumlee Net Worth.

Pawn Star's Chumlee : Net Worth 2021, Famous Deals & Blunders and Personal Life

But our Gold and Silver employee has learned and improved a lot in his business handlings. His best deal was a Bowden Spacelander Bike that he bought for just $8,700 which normally sells at around $20,000. Chumlee successfully talked a local Maserati shop into selling him a $100,000 car for $85,000. He also once bought a set of three Samurai Swords for $3800 that was finally sold for over $13,000.

 Personal Life

Chum was born on 8th September 1982 in Nevada. He has two siblings – a brother and a sister. He is an expert in vintage pinball machines and has good knowledge about shoes, video games, trading card games, and sports. Chumlee is currently married to his former friend Olivia Russell.

Chumlee has had bitter experiences with the law in the past. Austin’s house was raided by the police following a sexual assault allegation. He has been charged a few times for the possession of unlicensed firearms and drugs. Chum has also served three years of probation and counseling.

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