Olympus Has Fallen 4 and Den of Thieves 2: 2021 Updates

Olympus Has Fallen 4 and Den of Thieves 2: 2021 Updates

Gerard Butler has confirmed the sequel of both the Fallen franchise and 2018’s gritty crime thriller Den of Thieves 2. Butler said that Olympus Has Fallen 4 is currently under work. They are working on the idea and he further said that he cannot reveal much about it. Regarding Mike Banning, Butler stated that the presence of a righteous action hero was important and Mike Banning had been playing the role very well. Read to know more about Olympus has Fallen Season 4 and Den of Thieves Season 2.

Olympus Has Fallen 4 and Den of Thieves 2 is a dangerous threat to thwart and it also turned out that the film in the series may be on the way.

The Olympus Has Fallen 4 

Olympus Has Fallen 4, the first in the series, where Gerard Butler can be seen playing the role of US Army Ranger, Mike Banning. The former secret agent, Mike has to tackle the situations inside the White House. The White House has been under attack by a group of North Korean terrorists who have made many people hostages. Mike has to use all his skills in order to rescue the President.

More to Know About The Olympus Has Fallen 4

London Has Fallen witnesses Mike being pushed in a plot to kill the seven most powerful leaders of the World. The British Prime Minister passes away and the leaders gather at his funeral. The deadly plan aims at killing the world’s most powerful leaders, ruining every landmark of the British Capital. Only three people hold the power to stop it i.e. President of the United States, Mike Banning, and an English MI-6 agent. Angel Has Fallen, is the third on the list where Mike is in the custody of the assassination of President Allan Trumbull. He escapes to find out the real threat to the president.

Olympus Has Fallen 4 and Den of Thieves 2: 2021 Updates

Den of Thieves 2

Butler has reunited with Christian Gudegast to work in his sequel of the 2018 cops-and-robbers film Den of Thieves 2. Butler said that he had been recently receiving the script from Christian. He further said that the story more had a European vibe. 

More To Know About Den of Thieves 2

Butler said that Den of Thieves will have a gruffer version of his character, of Detective Nicholas “Big Nick” O’Brien, the gritty. Stay Tuned with Hit News Industry for More Updates.

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