The Avengers are training a New Hero to be a Thanos/Galactus Stopper

The Avengers are teaching one of its most powerful members how to become a top stopper for Thanos / Galactus in the Marvel Universe.

The Avengers have realized that their current strong member could be trained to be their Galactus and Thanos counter. In Avengers # 51, Black Panther sets aside the Phoenix Force-powered Echo. Tells him he has to use his copycat skills and newly acquired skills to become a strategist for some of Marvel’s biggest criminals. Among the threats mentioned?

The Avengers

Who will be the new Hero?

Hardest hitters in the universe: Thanos, Galactus, Beyonders, Molecule Man, and the Living Tribunal.

Phoenix has chosen Maya Lopez as the unlikely winner of the Phoenix Tournament. Which hosted Marvel’s heroes and heroines to determine who will win the Phoenix Force. Despite the champion not winning the tournament.

Phoenix saw the pain and suffering Echo went through in his life and decided that he deserved the extraordinary cosmic power. Unfortunately, getting used to living as a new Phoenix has not been easy for Lope. As he is still scratching what his strengths can do. On top of that, Thor – who is probably the most Phoenix – is not very happy about having the Phoenix Force. Which makes him stay with the uncomfortable Avengers.

The Avengers

Preview of Avengers Series :

In Avengers # 51 by Jason Aaron, Juan Frigeri, David Curiel, and VC’s Cory Petit, the story goes back a few days before Maya Lopez and the Phoenix Force arrived in Asgard.

At Avengers Mountain, Black Panther features the Echo Brain Room running in the brain tissue of their Celestial base.

T’Challa points out that he can achieve anyone’s fighting style. Suggests that it would be wise to add combat styles throughout the universe to his music now as he is empowered by Phoenix. Echo asks the mountain to show him the powerful criminals to defeat Phoenix. As identified by Thanos, Galactus, Molecule Man, Owen Reece, Living Tribunal, and Beyonders.

The Avengers

Black Panther Theories :

Black Panther notes that as the most recognizable and feared woman in the universe, the Echo is likely to encounter powerful creatures like Galactus and Thanos sometime. Lopez tells T’Challa that he wants to know how to fight Phoenix, so he knows how to kill it in case he fights for his life against it.

The computer adds Wanda Maximoff, Odin Borson, and Thor Odinson as the most talented and murderous skills in Phoenix.

T’Challa had the right perspective on the Echo Room of the Brain and gave him access to the combat tactics of some of the biggest criminals in the Marvel Universe. Soon, the Avengers will need a powerful hero who can bring down the popularity of Thanos and Galactus.

The Echo and the Phoenix Force appear to be the same person, or showing him the details may make him feel bad. Marvel Comics Avengers # 51 is in stores now.

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