George RR Martins letter reveals why game of thrones ending didn’t work

George RR Martins redacted a letter explaining A Song of Ice and Fire has been decrypted by fans, showing why the Game of Thrones conclusion failed.

Last season of game of thrones

Unfortunately, HBO’s last season of Game of Thrones did not go as planned. The criticism of the last season took dominating the narrative online, even though the series consistently broke audience records. Everything from the Game of Thrones episodes being too gloomy to modern water bottles accidentally appearing in the show was criticized by fans and critics.

Story issues, on the other hand, garnered the most criticism. During its final season, the show seemed to defy its logic, with unexplainable plot gaps filling the episodes. In season 8, episode 3, for example, the Dothraki were on the verge of extinction after a fight with the White Walkers. Then, in season 8, episode 5, HBO brought them back without explanation.

George RR Martins

2015 letter

A letter containing Martin’s 1993 plan for A Song of Ice and Fire circulated on the internet in 2015. Martin’s original concept included what he thought was a trilogy at the time, and it included various storylines that he later dropped. Arya would be involved in a love triangle with Jon Snow and Tyrion.

And Sansa would be expecting Joffrey’s child. Several major story themes, such as Daenerys’ eventual invasion of Westeros, remained, though. In addition, there is one blocked-out paragraph in the letter that contains information on Martin’s second book. Part of the deleted paragraph from Martin’s letter has been decrypted by fans, and it explains why HBO’s Game of Thrones ending didn’t work.

George R.R. Martin

Winter is Coming observed a Reddit threat attempting to interpret the blocked-out wording. “Bran sits free” on the Iron Throne, “Jon Snow is his fierce adversary” in the North, “Daenerys plans her invasion,” and “the Others are watching with icy dead eyes and gathering their might,” according to fans. Even though the plots will likely change, the initial script appears to show why HBO’s Game of Thrones finale drew so much criticism. If the decoded paragraph is right, it indicates that HBO may have botched up the Game of Thrones ending elements.

Bran would have been on the Iron Throne long before the conclusion of the series if Martin’s original plan had been carried out. Because HBO didn’t properly set up the story in the series’ abbreviated final season, fans attacked the show’s decision to place Bran on the Iron Throne. However, if Bran had succeeded to the throne of Westeros before the last episode and the attack of the White Walkers/Others, the option could have made more sense to befuddled fans.

Also, the program was chastised for skipping over the White Walkers in season 8, even though the original outline reveals Bran, Jon Snow, Daenerys, and the Others could have had a very different showdown.

George R.R. Martin

Inadvertently, the initial outline also shows another cause for HBO’s Game of Thrones finale’s criticism. Martin knew that the plot needed time to grow, regardless of his original idea. As a result, Martin expanded his trilogy into a seven-book series to make amends. Similarly, Martin recognized that HBO’s show required more time to construct plots, and he is said to have pleaded with the business to add more Game of Thrones seasons. However, that story, too, had a disappointing conclusion.

George RR Martins Ending of the game of thrones

George R.R. Martin, the author of the epic fantasy series that inspired HBO’s Game of Thrones, is still working on the next book. However, he took a break from his work to express his dissatisfaction with how the television adaptation seemed to drift away from his source material.

Followers have been outraged by the TV series’ conclusion, and Martin’s glacial progress on his A Song of Ice and Fire novels has enraged fans yearning for a fitting conclusion. Martin expressed surprise that his production was outstripped by the television series.

George RR Martins

“I already had four books in print when they started the TV show, and the fifth one came out right when the show premiered in 2011.” Martin told PBS in Chicago, “I had a five-book head start, and they are big novels, as you know.” “I didn’t think they’d catch up to me, but they did.”

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