Every Denis Villeneuve Sci-Fi Movie Ranked

Denis Villeneuve has rapidly become one of the most respected and sought-after artists for his ability to tell massive and small tales.

Denis Villeneuve has officially dived into the consciousness of casual moviegoers and jumped right into the debate for the most sought-after auteur in the business with his latest feature.

Dune maybe millions of people’s first introduction to Villeneuve’s work, but with his sci-fi epic, he is just reaping the fruits of more than a decade of top-tier filmmaking.

Denis Villeneuve

Villeneuve looks to be establishing himself as a great master of interesting speculative fiction with his revival of the classic genre Dune. He is a meticulous filmmaker who has been digging into more emotionally broad science fiction movies that address the depths of the human condition and the genre itself.

Villeneuve is an ideal filmmaker for science fiction films because of his vast, magnificent vistas with a sharp sense of scale, careful character development pacing, and unique creativity for new creatures and tales.

Here is a list of every Denis Villeneuve sci-fi film, graded from finest to worst.


We can all agree that the first in the list position belongs to Arrival. Arrival is hauntingly stunning as it is narratively influential, demonstrating that science fiction can break out from its typical association with action to be entirely theatrical. Appearance depicts a linguist hired by the US Army to study the language of a pair of extraterrestrials before their presence leads to conflict.

Villeneuve’s most philosophical science fiction picture, Arrival, treats the most abstract diplomatic missions in a pulse-pounding, sophisticated manner seldom seen in other films.

The soundtrack by Jóhannsson, one of his last, adds to the intensity of the wonderfully filmed images of fantastic science fiction and the people living through it. Both ‘Arrival’ and ‘Heptapod B’ create an all-encompassing emotional soundscape that takes your breath away the first time you hear them.

While the idea of the film may seem relatively benign, Villeneuve pushes science fiction to its most complex stage in Arrival. Which makes it Denis Villeneuve’s most pleasing sci-fi picture. It has an IMDb rating of 7.9.


Villeneuve’s Dune, which transformed the original book into an epic otherworldly journey, was praised by reviewers and spectators alike for its ambitious narrative. It produces a darkly captivating experience to take in with a universe of buildings and structures that mimic Brutalist architecture.

In Dune, the young heir to the aristocratic House Atreides flees a coup on his family’s recently purchased world, Dune. He joins forces with the planet’s natives in preparation for battle against the galactic empire.

Villeneuve’s excellent cinematography captures the size and peril of Dune while also discreetly presenting all the nuances that make the film’s universe enjoyable. Although Dune has an IMDb rating of 8.2, it stops approximately halfway through, creating the impression that much is left unfinished.


Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to the 1982 film Blade Runner, builds on the original’s bleak universe and human concerns. It was a visually magnificent and emotive piece of art; however, there were times when I felt disconnected from Ryan Gosling’s K.

In the Blade Runner universe of humans and enslaved androids, an android who chases his fleeing comrades finds and tries to hide the truth that androids may reproduce biologically. The brutality shown is bleak, yet it is balanced by the beauty of the film’s peaceful moments. 

The performers’ performances, particularly Ryan Gosling as the protagonist android, were highly lauded, as was Villeneuve’s excellent mastery overtone. The film’s ending, with the discovery of Harrison Ford’s Deckard playing a significant part, is a story of visual grandeur and emotional poignancy.

With an IMDb rating of 8, The movie won an Academy Award for cinematography, and although Blade Runner 2049 kept the structural misogyny of its predecessor, it stands out as one of Villeneuve’s best.

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