Chucky Season 1 Finale Recap: Who Didn’t Survive the Doll’s Big Finish?

Chucky Season 1 Finale the world got clashed when Andy and Kyle landed on the Hackensack to collaborate with Jack.

They deal with their deadly doll’s situation. Tiffany and Chunky made every effort to discharge the herd of killer dolls nationwide. The good guy moves to the mayor’s banquet to prevent imminent death and destruction.

So here the question arises who loved in the situation and who didn’t. Before talking more about the Chunky Season 1 Finale let’s know everything about the full Season story.

Chucky Season 1 Finale


Chucky is a fictional character. Chucky portrays as a vicious killer. He bleeds out from a gunshot and transfers his soul like a good guy and continuously tries to transfer into a human being.

This character has become the most horror iconic frictional character of all time and referenced numerous times in popular culture. In 1999 the chunky character has been nominated for the MTV movie award for best villain. This character was created by Don Mancini.

Chucky Season 1 Finale


Charles Lee Ray was born in the year 1958, In the year 1965 when he was 7 years old, he returned back to his home from trick or treating during Halloween. He decided to pick an apple but was suddenly stuck with a razor blade and cut his mouth causing it to bleed.

During his 8th birthday, his father was stabbed in front of him by an assailant, and his mother Elizabeth with him tried to hide in an almirah but was later found and got stabbed to death. After the death of his parents, he was placed in the Burlington country home for wayward boys.

Later after few years after meeting Tiffany, they both moved to Chicago in 1988 and settled in a new apartment ordering the Pizza and killing the delivery boy. Later was found that Chunky was killing the people without her, leading to an argument that ended with Chunky storming out.

Chucky Season 1 Finale

The Finale Recap:

Lexy and Jake wonder about the reason behind, Chucky’s intent on getting one of them to commit a murder, but their brainstorm is interrupted by one of the Chucky’s. Prior to the doll that can attack, Kyle storms in and shoots him dead.

She explains that there are multiple Chuckys means there is an army of chunky dolls, but he can only perform his soul-swapping of Good Guy dolls Kyle also added s that if Chucky can get one kid to kill, then he can create his army. Jake tells Kyle that they have to save Devon, but to keep them safe, Kyle drugs them and they pass out.

Later Tiffany threatens to kill her. Tiffany then shouts that he need her or the plan will not work at all. Chunky forbids the army and announces to kill anyone under the age of five or six. Dolls order Tiffany and junior to kill hunky but they refuse to do so. Tiffany dissipates him. After all this Lexy’s dad Ethan is murdered in his theater seat by one of the Chucky dolls. As the theater breaks out into a panic, bodies quickly start dropping.

Chucky Season 1 Finale

The human version of Tiffany, meanwhile, still has Nica tied to a chair, only the lovable lunatic did something unfathomable: She amputated Nica’s forearms and legs! The last we see of Nica; she’s screaming at the top of her lungs in horror.

The next day, Jake, Devon, and Lexy visit Logan. Jake thanks his friends for saving his life, and as they hugged, a mysterious person wearing a black glove stalk them from behind a tree.

But what happened to Kyle, and what’s to come for Andy and Nica? That’ll have to wait for season 2.


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