Moonfall : Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need know

Roland Emmerich’s sci-fi catastrophe flick Moonfall promises a thrilling trip. The film is about the Moon falling out of orbit and colliding with Earth.

Lionsgate has revealed fresh first-look photographs for the forthcoming film, and these opening shots are instantly arresting and demonstrate the vast grandeur of the film. These dramatic revelations also provide an exclusive first look at Halle Berry’s Jo Fowler, Patrick Wilson’s Brian Harper, and John Bradley’s K.C Houseman.

Emmerich wrote, directed, and produced the picture, which may be called the maestro of the contemporary disaster cinema, having worked on films such as Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. Harald Kloser, a longtime Emmerich collaborator, co-wrote this picture in addition to producing and scoring it.


When will Moonfall be released?

The COVID-19 epidemic threw everything into disarray for Emmerich’s next feature, but with society ready to return to normality, we finally have a release date for the big-budget project.

According to Lionsgate’s official statements, Moonfall will release in theaters on February 4, 2022. It’s the first big picture to stake a claim on that Friday, and its only real rival will be the Marvel blockbuster “Morbius,” which will be released the week before.


Who is in the cast of Moonfall?

Halle Berry plays NASA executive Jo Fowler. Fowler is a former astronaut and is charged with creating a method to prevent the Moon from colliding with Earth.

To lead his science-fiction epic, Roland Emmerich has collected a fantastic ensemble. Here’s a rundown of who’s who in the cast.


  • Halle Berry in the role of Jocinda “Jo” Fowler
  • Patrick Wilson in the role of Brian Harper
  • John Bradley in the role of K. C. Houseman
  • Michael Pea in the role of Tom Lopez
  • Charlie Plummer plays Sonny Harper.
  • Kelly Yu (Michelle)
  • Donald Sutherland, who plays Holdenfield
  • Eme Ikwuakor in the role of Doug Davidson
  • Carolina Bartczak in the role of Brenda Lopez
  • Maxim Roy in the role of Captain Gabriella Auclair
  • Stephen Bogaert in the role of Albert Hutchings
  • Azriel Dalman in the role of Sonny Child

Plot of Moonfall

When you hear of a movie depicting the Moon collapsing toward Earth, you believe you know what the narrative would be. However, “Moonfall” promises a few shocks that should catch viewers off guard, so be prepared for anything when you go to see Emmerich’s next epic.

Lionsgate has given the following official synopsis:

“A strange force rips the Moon out of its orbit around Earth, sending it hurtling toward life as we know it.” With only a few weeks until impact and the world on the verge of destruction. NASA executive and former astronaut Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) believes she has the key to saving us all. But only one astronaut from her past, Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), and conspiracy theorist K.C. Houseman (John Bradley) believe her. These unlikely heroes will go on a difficult last-ditch space journey, leaving behind everyone they care about, only to discover that our Moon is not what we believe it is.”

If you think that’s all the movie is about, guess again, since the apocalypse is just a minor portion of the plot. The narrative begins when an unknown force knocks the Moon out of orbit.


It begins its descent into our planet, which will inevitably extinguish all life, and with only a few weeks till the massive boulder crushes everyone and everything. Jo Fowler believes she knows how to preserve humanity, and she’ll embark on a daring quest that will revolutionize all she thinks she knows about the Moon with an unexpected crew.

And, as our characters strain themselves to their breaking point to avert the enormous celestial collision, the film will leave you with the burning question, “What if the Moon isn’t what we always believed it was?” What is the heavenly body’s main secret? And how do the tides appear in the midst of all of this? Stay tuned for further information.

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