‘Yellowstone’ Recap: John Makes A Game-Changing Decision That Stuns Jamie

Monica’s house is empty when the episode of Yellowstone airs on December 12th. She’s curious about Tate’s whereabouts.

Tate is out in the field with Kayce and their new dog. Monica hasn’t felt so fulfilled in a long time. Monica continues to berate Kayce over Avery at breakfast, making it plain that she is still envious. Carter tries to make amends with Beth once more. He brings flowers to her, but she refuses to accept them. Carter expresses his desire to leave the property.

In foster care, he’ll take his chances. “I don’t have any dreams,” Carter responds when Beth inquires about his dreams. He tells Beth that he’s too preoccupied with figuring out where he’ll eat and sleep each day.

Yellowstone – Garrett makes a plan for Jamie

Beth calls Carter back as he walks away. She’s looking to make a deal. He must agree to do what she wants and in the manner she requests. She also requests that he never deceive her. He must be able to agree to everything while keeping his word. They give it a good shake.


Jamie with his child. Jamie is ecstatic to get the opportunity to spend time with his son. Christina tells Garrett that Jamie is becoming more like the man she envisioned him to be from the start. She will, however, require more time before she can fully trust Jamie again. Garrett proposes to Christina that Jamie run for governor to gain more chest pieces in his favor.

Beth starts her new position as Market Equities Director. When she arrives at the design meeting, she’ll be greeted with a smile. She understands that she was never given all of the details concerning the Montana plans. The international airport is surrounded by resorts, residences, roadways, and other amenities.

She had no idea what was going on, and she knows she had to intervene. Teeter reappears at the ranch. She does not believe she deserved to be ejected. John is hesitant to return the girls to the bunkhouse at first, but Teeter has demonstrated her loyalty. Rip agrees to let her remain. Teeter expresses her gratitude for the second chance by hugging Rip.


Yellowstone – John is running for governor

Lynelle pays a visit to John at the ranch and requests a walk. When she asks if Jamie will be the next governor, John responds, “absolutely not.” He understands that handing up that much power to Jamie would be dangerous. John tells Lynelle that there are things she doesn’t know about Jamie without saying too much. The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know, according to Lynelle. Lynelle and John have a conversation.

In an unexpected turn of events, John resolves to run for governor to prevent Jamie from doing so. “That’s how horrible he’ll ruin all you and I fought so hard to save.” “He’ll annihilate everything,” John predicts. He doesn’t want to do this, but he can’t let Jamie run away. When Beth sees Summer at another demonstration, she decides to strike up a conversation with her. Summer is told flat out that her protest isn’t making a difference by Beth.

“The problem’s engine is completely unaware of your existence,” Beth acknowledges. Summer inquires about Beth’s knowledge of environmental issues. Beth, who is always the most strategic, unveils the plans for the airport, resorts, and condos that will be built just 15 miles from the national park. Summer’s interest has been sparked, and this is an opportunity for her to make a meaningful difference.


Rip is finally warming up to Carter. Beth is summoned to the lodge, where John informs her that he wants to house his family here. This indicates that he wishes Beth and Rip to relocate to the resort. Beth instructs John to ask Rip what he wants to do. John tells Beth about running for governor before she departs. She wraps her arms around him.

He does, however, want her to figure out a method to get away from him. She doesn’t believe he has an option, at least for the time being. He would be able to withhold cash, cancel state land allocations, and shut down the airport if elected governor. He’d be able to evict all of the folks that wish to destroy their land. Beth believes this is the only way to save the ranch, therefore she’ll assist him in fleeing.

Teeter and Laramie return to the bunkhouse after a brief detour. Lloyd enters, his instrument having been replaced by Walker. After they nearly killed each other, he extended the olive branch. The dust in the bunkhouse appears to have settled as Walker performs a song on his new guitar.

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