10 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Captain America In Marvel Comics

Captain America is Marvel’s most patriotic superhero, but the Star-Spangled Man hasn’t always had it easy.

Captain America, from Marvel Comics, is a symbol of strength and bravery, especially in the face of danger and death. He is a hero for ages because he remains steadfast in his convictions and never backs down. Even for a superhero, Captain Steve Rogers’ life is far from flawless.

1. Aging physically

Captain America does not experience the effects of aging as a typical human would due to the Super Soldier Serum surging through his blood. The serum is emptied from Steve’s body after a struggle with the Iron Nail, causing his years to catch up with him and his body to swiftly age him into an old man.

Captain America

2. Secret empire Captain America was part of

The “Secret Wars” storyline is widely regarded as one of Captain America’s best stories from the 1970s.
Having nothing to do with the recent Secret Wars, this story saw Captain America uncover a vast conspiracy behind the United States government that reached such heights that it is implied that even the President of the United States (a parallel to Nixon, who was embroiled in scandals at the time of publication) was a member of this shadow organization.

Captain America
3. Losing the Avengers

Many comic book fans are familiar with Captain America and Iron Man, two of the Avengers’ primary members, and their (usually) cordial rivalry.
However, in Mark Millar’s “Civil War” storyline in 2006, the Avengers have split down the middle over the question of superhero registration, with Captain America and Iron Man heading opposing sides.

4. Losing Bucky Barnes (Captain America’s best friend)

Although Steve Rogers survived the expedition to thwart Baron Zemo’s attack, his pal Bucky Barnes did not.
Along the way, a bomb was planted, which exploded when Bucky got too close. Despite his warnings, Rogers was powerless to stop his friend from dying in front of his eyes.

Captain America
5. Witnessing the 9/11 terrorist attack

Captain America, as the name implies, represents the American way of life and has become a symbol of the country’s principles. He is shown to have a strong attachment to the country whose name he bears, and to feel heartbroken when that country is hurt. As a result of the horrible events of the September 11 terrorist attacks, certain comic creators took it upon themselves to address the problem while the country was recovering.

Captain America

6. Assassinated

Though fans were divided over Marvel’s Civil War crossover, many agree that the Death of Captain America and Fallen Son arcs that followed are among the best Captain America stories of the 2000s.
Captain America must face the consequences of his actions during the Civil War, blind to the idea that forces are conspiring to take his life.

Captain America
7. Going into the ice

Captain America debuted in 1941 as super-soldier fighting for the Allies in World War II in Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics). However, in the 1950s, the character’s monthly comic book was ended after America’s favorite hero appeared to die while attempting to thwart an attack by Baron Zemo.

8. Losing his possessions

Captain America has few ties to his past life after being frozen in ice for several decades. With so many of his best friends from the 1940s gone, he could only recall them through photographs and mementos. When Baron Zemo attacked the Avengers in the “Avengers Under Siege” storyline, he wrecked the house and destroyed whatever souvenirs Cap had left.

9. The winter Soldier

Captain America’s closest buddy during World Conflict II was James Buchanan Barnes, popularly known as “Bucky,” who served as his sidekick until his untimely death at the end of the war.
Bucky’s death was overturned decades later when it was revealed that he had assumed the mantle of the Winter Soldier.

Captain America
10. Castaway in dimension Z

In a touching but weird Captain America comic plotline, the Star-Spangled Man is confined in a pocket universe for almost a decade by his arch-enemy Arnim Zola, where he finds himself caring for a small kid named “Ian.” While trapped, Rogers looks after the boy as if he were his own, but tragedy strikes just as the hero is about to be liberated from the upside-down dimension.

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