King’s Affection Episode 10: Release Date and watch online

King’s affection 10th episode is going to release on 15th November 2021. Fans are so excited.

King’s affection is also known as attachment, it is a historical, romantic, and fictional Series. Created by Ki Min-soo Hong Seok-gu (KBS Drama division). Based on Yeonmo by Lee So-young. It is written by Han Hee-Jung and directed by Song Hyun-Wook. Starring Park Eun-bin as Crown Prince Lee Hwi, Rowoon as Jung Ji-Woon, Nam Yoon-su as Lee Hyun, Prince Jaeun; Lee Hwi’s cousin, Choi Byung-chan as Kim Ga-on; Lee Hwi’s bodyguard, Bae Yoon-Kyung as Shin So-eun, and Jung Chae-Yeon as Noh Ha-Kyung.

The plot of the series

Once there was a Crown Prince, his wife gave birth to twins and but it was said that if twins were born then the whole kingdom will die, so the twin daughter was supposed to die but her mother begged and saved her from being killed. Secretly the twin daughter was sent out of the kingdom. After a few years, the twin son was killed. The Crown Prince’s wife hides the death of her twin son and brings her twin daughter back to the palace. She raises the twin daughter as Prince Lee Hwi.

The twin daughter eventually becomes the Crown Prince, she is worried that what if her identity is revealed. Because of that secret, Lee Hwi is unable to have anyone close to her. She hides her emotions from others and she makes biting remarks. After a while, Lee Hwi develops feelings for her teacher who comes from a noble family and is handsome, smart, and an optimist who enjoys life.

King’s affection’

When is the 10th episode releasing??

It is going to release on November 15, 2021. The King’s Affection is scheduled for a weekly release, every Monday and Tuesday. We all are avidly waiting to witness what will happen next in this beautiful series. The love and affection that are portrayed in this drama are magically wonderful and we can’t help but binge-watch it over and over again.


King’s affection’

Where to watch King’s affection’??

It premiered on KBS2 on October 11, 2021, and airs every Monday and Tuesday at 21:30 (KST). It is also available for streaming on Netflix in selected regions.

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