Julia Roberts Shares Rare Photo Of Her Twins As Babies To Celebrate Their 17th Birthday

Julia Roberts has shared a touching photo of her twins for their 17th birthday which is both a rare and beautiful sight!

Julia shares her twins, along with another son named Henry, with partner Danny Moder with whom she recently celebrated their twenty-year anniversary!

The couple first met on set in 2001 during filming for the Brad Pitt movie The Mexican. The couple were married a year later on July 4th, 2002, and welcomed their twins to the world in 2004. Henry later joined the family in 2007.

Danny also wished the twins a happy birthday on his Instagram saying “these rabble-rousers… 17 today. thank you for helping me through fatherhood.”

Julia Roberts

Danny and Julia usually keep their private lives very private but last year Danny took Hazel to her first red carpet event at Cannes for the premiere of Flag Day. 

Back in 2018,  Roberts told Harpers Bazaar that she didn’t think her kids would ever know how famous she was as she has strived to always keep them out of the public eye.

“I don’t think they will ever have a true sense of [my fame]”, she said. “I think I told you once when they were starting to figure it out, it was like, ‘You’re famous?’ And I said, ‘I think a lot of people might have seen the movie that I’m in or might know who I am.’”

Julia Roberts

Her kids have even asked her “are you more famous than Taylor Swift” when they were trying to understand how famous she was!

“My husband and I are very aligned on that front and I think that we live a very normal experience with our children,” Roberts explained on ITV’s Lorraine in 2019.

“I mean, obviously we have advantages that we didn’t have as children, but I think that’s the unique part of it, coming from the kind of childhood that I had. I raise my kids now—I don’t want them to have some of the struggles that I had, but at the same time, you do need to know how to make your bed and how to do your laundry, and how to be able to make one meal.”

She continues by saying that “these are important life skills, and so you have to weigh the differences between what you look at as some of the hardships that I had, or things that I missed out on as a kid, but also they have to run their own race. They have to have their own experience.”

Julia Roberts

Speaking about her role s a mom, director Mike Nichols told the Wall Street Journal that the most important role in her life was motherhood.

“That’s what Julia has been best at, maintaining their real life. It’s the little things that tell the tale. When you visit them, there is nobody working at their house, sweeping their hall. There are toys all over, and it’s just Julia and Danny and the kids. She always slips away from the center.”

The actress’ family is still growing now with the addition of a new nephew last year too!

Julia became a grand aunt in 2020 when her niece Emma Roberts, had her son, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, who she shares with her partner Garrett Hedlund.

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