Super Crooks Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

Fans were highly excited for the upcoming Season of Super Crooks. Rumors were talking about the theories related to Season 2 of the series. Season 1 of Super Crooks was released on November 21, 2021 at Netflix. It first episode was premiered on the same day. The Season 1 of Super Crooks consists of thirteen 20-30 minute episodes. The main idea behind the series created by Studio Bones.

The Director associated with series is Motonobu Hori and Dai Satou as the series’ composer. The season 1 of the series got positive reviews from the critics. Now the biggest question is that whether the upcoming season 2 will be renewed or canceled. So read the complete article to now more about it.

Possibility of Season 2 :

Recently Super Crooks premiered their first season but whether the upcoming season will be renewed or canceled nobody knows. Neither the writers nor the Netflix have assured the possibilities of Season 2 of Super Crooks. The main focus is that the Season 1 should create impact to the mind of their viewers. If they succeed to do so they might think of it. The anime is set in same universe as the short-lived Jupiter’s Legacy, which is based on the comic series of the same name that Millar created together with Frank Quitely and Peter Doherty.

The writers have decided to create in that way so that the Season 1 delivers most of source material, before the clash with final four episodes.

What could be the Story line of Season 2 :

In the ending of Season 1 Johnny and his crew mates steal 800 million dollars. Gladiator succesfully beats Praetorian and Kasey controls the mind of Christopher Mates. The time when he realized everything it’s was too late. In the upcoming season Mates found the culprit who stoles money from him and decided to talk with Johnny and his mates.

There might be the possibility of new protagonist in the nest season. The crew mates needs to gather together and figure out how to tackle these common problems.

Probable Cast of Season 2 :

Till now, neither the writers nor the Netflix have given confirmation that they will be coming with season 2. But still we can predict that the cast of Season 1 of Super Crooks will remain same in upcoming season. We might see new faces if they releases the Season 2. But lead cast would remain same so stay tuned with us for more updates. The lead cast are as follows :

  • Johnny Bolt
  • Kasey Ann
  • The Gladiator
  • Sammy Diesel
  • Josh (The Ghost)
  • TK McCabe
  • Roddy Diesel
  • The Praetorian
  • Carmine (The Heat)
  • Christopher Matts (The Bastard)

and many more…


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