Lola Burr: The Untold Story About Bill Burr Daughter You Didn’t Know About

Lola Burr is first daughter to American Stand-up Comedian and actor William Frederick mainly known as “Bill” Burr and Nia Renee Hill and American actress. Born on January 20, 2017. She gained her popularity through her parents, who use to featured her in various shows along them. Stay connected with this article to know some interesting and unknown facts about Lola Burr which might amaze you.

Who is Lola Burr?

First daughter to William Frederick and Nia Renee Hill born on January 20, 2017. Taking about her parents Bill was born in 1968 has comedian humor due it’s Why I Do This? 2008. He is also recognized as Voice Artist, he has given his voice to famous character  Jason Michael’s in Grand Theft Auto IV game.

Moreover about Lola Burr’s mother Nia born in 1978 and used to wear fashionable hats. In her acting career she appeared in movies like Lila: Long Distance(2011) and many more. Along with her husband, she work as a Voice Artist and was featured in many movies with him. Multitalented Nia is also known as a Designer as she had designed many costumes, she loves making podcasts taking on social issues.

Education :

As we know that Lola Burr just turned Four and finally she has started her academic journey. According to reports she is studying in local school near her house.

In the age of four years she had stepped in many popular bands like Led Zeppelin and Bonham. Their are many rumors that she might follow her parents footsteps to pursue career in acting. She is considered to be brilliant child in her ongoing schooling and believed to carry this throughout her life.


Facts About Lola Burr :

At the age of four Lola Burr is believed to have some amazing facts which you might not know. Go  through the complete article to know about it.


Mixed Ethnicity :

Lola carries mixed ethnicity  from Her parents. As Bill Burr is Caucasion with German and Irish roots while his wife Nia is African-American combination could be major reason of Lola’s curly Black Hair.

Lola Burr’s has Brother :

She is not the only child in her family, as she had a little brother the news was shared by Nia through the Instagram feed. At present Bill Burr and Nia haven’t revealed the name of their son. But they are happy by inviting a new member in their Family.

Followers are curious to know the name of newly born child. Hope so they will get to know the name soon. Till that need to wait.

She is yet to Reveal her Face :

The reason is yet to confirm that why Lola’s parents are deliberately hiding her their daughter’s face. Phots of Lola Burr on social media either it shows her back or covered by something due to which her face remains hidden.

As she is growing up parents might be eager to reveal their daughter’s face as Lola’s parents are celebrities, So fans want to see a glimpse of Lola’s face.

Got Popularity through her Father’s Podcast :

As we know that Lola’s father Bill Burr organized a regular podcast. Therefore in his podcast, his daughter Lola Burr becomes the regular topic for discussion. Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, which has been running since May 2007.

As the media personality ask him about life experiences and he too stated that Lola changed his life completely.


Lola’s Lifestyle :

As Lola belong to rich family being her parents celebrities. Lola is still a kid, she don’t have any particular earning. Moreover there is information about the Net Worth of her parents. Bill Burr net worth is estimated to be of $10.3 million and her mother Nia Hill’s net worth is estimated to be of $1.3 million.

So it could be said that child enjoy a very lavish lifestyle. Hope she will have a great life in future.

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