Facts About Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s Ex-husband

Trino Marin became a public figure following his marriage to the late American singer Jenni Rivera. Unfortunately, Jenni died in a plane crash in 2012, while her ex-husband is currently serving his 31 years jail term. Below are quick facts to help you get an actual picture of who Marin is.

1. Trino Marin was born in February 1964

Trino was born on February 15th, 1964, as the José Trinidad Marín. He was born in the Mexico but moved to the United States with his family. He holds the  both Mexican and American citizenship. He has not disclosed the  substantive details about his family. As a result, it is not easy to tell more about his parents and siblings, if any. Professionally, he worked as a restaurant manager.

2. Marin married Jenni Rivera when he was 20 years Marin is a former celebrity husband.

He attained fame because of his marriage to Jenni Rivera. Jenni was a renowned American singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, and spokesperson. He met Jenni Rivera while they were in school, and the ex-couple tied the knot in 1984. At the time, he was 20 years while Jenni was 15 years. Trino Marin’s family with Jenni was blessed with three children, two daughters named Chiquis and Jacquie and a son called Michael. Marin and Jenni Rivera’s marriage ended in 1992. Rivera filed for divorce from Marin, citing physical and emotional abuse.

3. He was found guilty of sexual abuse

A vicious crime committed by Trino was discovered several years after his wife divorced him. In 1997, detail emerged that he had sexually abused his sister-in-law, Rosie. He had also molested his two daughters, Chiquis and Jacquie.

What happened to Trino Marin?

After hearing the terrible news, Jenni immediately filed a complaint against her ex-husband. The court summoned him, but he fled and was marked as a fugitive. He changed his identity and began a life in Riverside County.

The former Jenni Rivera’s husband was arrested in 2006 and declared guilty of sexual abuse. He was sentenced to 31 years imprisonment. He is now in prison, serving his sentence.

4. He maintains a good relationship with his children

Despite the atrocities, he committed to his family, Trino and his three children are on good terms. During his conviction, the entire family was present. Chiquis, whom he assaulted, said that she loves her father and had forgiven him. When Chiquis got married to Lorenzo Mendez, Trino called her from prison. Also, in 2017, his younger daughter, Jacquie, met him. She took pictures with him and confirmed that she had forgiven him.

5. He has another daughter called Diana

After the divorce in 1992, Jenni Rivera married twice before she died in a plane crash in 2012. Jenni married Juan López in 1997, but the marriage ended in the 2003. In this marriage, she gave birth to two children, Johnny Lopez and Jenica Lopez. Until her death, she was married to Esteban Loaiza. On the other hand, not much about Trino’s affairs after divorce are in the limelight. However, it is alleged that he has another daughter called Diana. Unfortunately, the mother of this particular daughter is unknown to the public. In 2015, Chiquis revealed that she had an estranged relationship with her half-sister. It turned out that Trino Marin’s daughter Diana blamed her for the imprisonment of their father.

6. José Trinidad is a grandfather

He is a grandfather of the five lovely grandchildren. He has the four grandchildren from his younger daughter’s side: Jordan, Jenavieve, Julian Joy, and Jaylah Hope Yanez. His only son Michael Marin has a daughter called Luna Amira Marin Ibarra.

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