Druck Season 7 Episode 4: Release Date, Watch Online

Druck Season 7 Episode 4 is scheduled to be released on 19 November 2021. Fans around the world are exicted about it.

About The Show

Druck follows a group of friends in their teen life in Berlin and deals with daily and current events, like friendship, love, and the search for their own identity. Every season centers on a new character.

The first season centers on Hanna and started with the first clip on March 19, 2018. After having “stolen” her best friend’s boyfriend, Hanna suddenly loses all her friends and her former crew ostracizes and nags her. Her relationship with her boyfriend Jonas suffers from this. Hanna finally finds a new group of friends who help her get a grip on her life.

The second season centers on Mia, a close friend of Hanna. Mia is a feminist and dislikes the arrogant Alexander Hardenberg, who exerts a bad influence on her friend Kiki. After Mia asks Alex to end his relationship with Kiki, she gets to know another side of Alex and slowly develops feelings for him, which in turn threatens her friendship with Kiki. The first clip for the second season was released on December 17, 2018.

The third season centers on Matteo and his relationships, both with the boys and girls in the group. While the upperclassman prepares for their final exams and graduation, Matteo struggles with the pressure from his friends to be intimate with the girl he is dating while hiding that he is actually gay. He also is grappling with mental health and family dynamics that create an increasing reliance on substances to cope with them. While he stresses about school and girls, he experiences the rise and fall of his developing romance with the mysterious new boy in school, who has his own secret. The first clip of season three was released on March 9, 2019.

The fourth season centers on Amira and the expectations put upon her by faith, family, and friends. While she prepares to find independence abroad she also wants to be true to her beliefs and to herself. There is a lot of pressure on her from the communities she belongs to, which her younger brother is also experiencing. While she helps those around her with their own difficulties, she finds a conflict between her commitment to her religion and the feelings that grow between her and Mohammed, who is not Muslim. She begins to isolate herself from the other girls and must find a balance between all the parts of her life. The first clip of season four was released on June 8, 2019.

The fifth season centers on Nora, one of Kiki’s two sisters. After breaking up with Costantin, all her former friends reject her. Her mom is an alcoholic and she has to face everything on her own, since Kiki is in another city with Carlos and Zoe, her other sister, avoids staying home with their mum. She finds some new friends and a new love interest while she deals with her own mental health. COVID-19 is also one of the themes of this season. The first clip of season five was released on September 20, 2020.

The sixth season centers on Fatou, a member of Nora’s new group of friends. The first clip of season six was released on December 13, 2020. Fatou starts a relationship with her crush Kieu My while facing problems at school. She discovers she has dyscalculia and because of bad marks, she might not be able to graduate. Meanwhile, her friends’ group is collapsing due to some arguments. For example, Ava and Mailin fight over the theme of social justice. Although only some COVID-19 restrictions are shown on screen, the season was filmed before the new lockdown, therefore it does not reflect the real German Coronavirus situation between December and February.

The seventh season centers on Ismail. The first clip of season seven was released on October 24, 2021. Having grown distant from their former clique, Ismail rekindles their friendship with childhood friend Sascha and befriends newcomer to school Lou, which will bring them closer to Constantin once more, as he also appears to be interested in Lou. The series also explores how Ismail handles their non-binary identity with their loving yet absent parents and brother Umut, who is reacting increasingly negatively to his sibling’s androgynous expression.

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