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Audience are highly excited for the next episode of Boruto Naruto Next Generations. Fans are left out with many question after watching the previous episode. Finally Episode 244 is going to release soon.

As we know that how Naruto and his ninja  friends fight everyone who stands against them. Due to success of its first episode of Naruto gave name to new series Boruto. To know what will be releasing date and where to watch it out, go through complete article.


What will be Releasing Date?

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 224 will be releasing on November 14, 2021.Inojin had his chance and used Super Beast Scroll against Houki. Later on Houki realized that he had missed the chance and Inojin somehow got chance to hide.

As the released date is out now the curiosity level among the fans went to Next level. Let’s find out some other official details of the release.


Where to watch it out?

The live streaming of Episode 224 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations will be online on

  • Funimation
  • AnimeLab

on Sunday 5.30 PM JST. If you are watching from UK then you can watch online on

  • Funimation
  • VRV

English dubs of Boruto Naruto Next Generations will be available on

  • Crunchyroll
  • Anime Digital Network
  • AnimeLab

As of now it is completely over hyped let wait till Sunday and then we will be seeing the latest episode of manga series.

Preview of Episode 223

Yuina along with other girl was successful is chasing down Eho and Himawari. Himawari ask Naruto about what could be the next step. Himawari decided to talk with her father regarding this. Later on father saw that she was worried for something and Boruto told her that he would be investigating regarding this matter.

Mitsuki wonders if Boruto is sure, and Boruto realizes that he can deal with that case quickly before his exam begins. Boruto find that he need to solve this problem before his exams begins.


If you are die hard fan of manga anime series and have watched the single episode of it then you might know that it’s worth it to watched it once.

Now just wait is of latest episode 224 of Baruto Naruto Next Generations which will be releasing on upcoming Sunday.


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