Are Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder Actually Married?

According to the Dracula star, Keanu Reeves is married to Winona Ryder “under the eyes of God.” The duo have been shipped many a times together and finally both have broken silence on the marriage rumors. During the filming of 1992 release, Dracula the co-stars may have tied the knot! Here’s what we know in details.

Keanu Reeves says it’s possible he’s actually married to Winona Ryder

According to Reeves, the marriage rumors are a possibility. Answering a question in a video for Esquire magazine which released on Monday, Nov. 22, Reeves explained while making 1992’s Dracula with Ryder the actors “did a whole take of a marriage ceremony with real priests.” Winona on the other hand, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2018, shared that she’s pretty clear she’s married to Reeves. “We actually got married in Dracula,” “No, I swear to God, I think we’re married in real life,” Winona added. “In that scene, Francis (Ford Coppola) used a real Romanian priest,” the Stranger Things star stated. “We shot the master and he did the whole thing. So I think we’re married.”

Later that year, director, Francis Ford Coppola shared “In a sense when we were all done, we realized that Keanu and Winona really are married as a result of this scene and this ceremony,” to the Guardian. Bram Stocker’s Dracula had the scene with a “real Romanian priest.” The scene was shot on Valentine’s Day to which the 50 year-old actor joked, “Oh my gosh, we’re married.”

To the question, “Are you and Winona Ryder technically married?” to Reeves, he replied, “We did a whole take of a marriage ceremony with real priests. Winona says we are. Coppola says we are. So I guess we’re married under the eyes of God.”

Keanu receives ‘Hello, husband’ texts from Winona

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder have starred in several films together such as 2006’s A Scanner Darkly, 2009’s The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and 2018’s Destination Wedding. Though Dracula has definitely engraved a place in both the actor’s hearts as there is an on-going joke between them. The John Wick actor has once revealed that “once in a while, I will get a text: ‘Hello, husband'” from Winona.

On a serious note, the actors are dating different individuals in real life. Reeves has been dating visual artist Alexandra Grant since 2019, while Ryder has been committed with her partner, Scott Mackinlay Hahn, for 10 years.

The stars are currently caught up with their upcoming projects. Winona Ryder has been cast in an upcoming Indie mystery-thriller titled The Cow. The actress will star alongside Dermot Mulroney, John Gallagher Jr, Owen Teague and Brianne Tju. Meanwhile, Keanu is up with a yet another action packed movie, the fourth edition of John Wick which is set to release in 2022.

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