Amazon Black Friday: Save 40% on Whisky from Johnnie Walker, Southern Comfort and more

Amazon is back with another Black Friday Sale, same as last year many items would we sold at high discount. But this year it is expected something different. Earlier the sale offers deals on November 26 over the weekends and continues till Monday. But now they have started Black Friday Week where new deals drop in whole weekdays. This means that we have extra benefit to take advantage of those discounts but they didn’t last long.

The majority demand during sale is of Alcohol. At present they have got the biggest sale of the year that we can’t even dare to miss 40% discount on whisky and dark liquor from Johnnie Walker, Southern comfort and many other brands.


Black Friday Shopping Tips :

The sale is on the way but it doesn’t last long, so we need to work smartly to get more benefited. Here are the some tips which need to follow:

1. Be Prepared :

List out all the items which you are interested to buy during the sale, bookmarks the pages of products and sign in before hand to get email alerts from your interested retailers. You will found yourself ahead of other during the Black Friday Sale of Amazon.

2. Read Reviews :

To ensure that the items you are purchasing is worth the money or not instead of discount, reviews are the easy way to know well about the products. If you found high discount but product seems terrible then it’s totally waste of money. Rather spent money on something valuable.

3. To ensure sale is more than a day :

Don’t be in hurry to spent all your money within a day. As the sale last till Monday, so you have ample of time to use your money wisely. Instead of blowing your whole budget on Friday wait until next day because there may be better deals on the way.

4. Compare Retailers :

The product you are buying from one retailer there are high chances you might be getting same product at cheaper rate from other retailers. So keep an eye on more than one retailer to get more benefited. So that  you’ll be ensuring you’re getting the best possible price.

5. Be prepared to act quickly :

Black Friday sales are getting increasingly popular, with unprecedented numbers of shoppers participating last year. We recommend researching the exact time the sale starts for your favorite retailer and being there on time.

6. Make list and Stick to it :

Ensure that you are done with your list what to purchase what to not. After so don’t go towards the fascinated items which could to excess in budgets. Don’t buy those stuffs which you don’t need. Having a list will help you to not go beyond the listed items and will ensure saving your money.

7. Be prepared to act quickly:

The Amazon Black Friday Sale is on the way so ensure that you know the exact timing when the sale is going to start. We recommend researching the exact time the sale starts for your favourite retailer and being there on time.

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