Victoria Spader: Everything About James Spader’s ex-wife You Need to Know

We all are aware of the fact that being a celebrity or being associated with a well-known person in the film industry attracts an inescapable amount of attention. Today we are here with one more mysterious couple who left their fans overwhelmed by Victoria Spader.

Who is Victoria Spader?

Who does not love Victoria Spader’s real name is Victoria Elizabeth Kheel. She is born in Rochester, New York State USA. She mostly earned fame after getting married to James Spader.

Victoria Spader’s Personality

Victoria is believed to have introvert personality, she dislikes having her private life made public, thus finding information about her controversies or verifying stories about her difficult. She also doesn’t own any social media account.

Victoria Spader | Full biography and sons photo | Ex-wife of James Spader


Early life of Victoria Spader’s

She is the daughter of Julian Kheel and Lee Kheel. She is an American with a white ethical background. Victoria’s mother Lee Kheel was an actress, she appeared in Jersey Guy (2003) and Late Night with Conan O’Brien (1993).

Victoria Spader’s Career

Victoria has worked on several cinematic productions, she is a set designer by trade and has worked on films such as Jack’s Back and Sex, Lies, and Videotape, which have helped her establish a name in the film business.

Victoria Spader has made a lot of money as a set designer in films throughout the course of her career. Her net worth is believed to be $2 million dollars.

Victoria and James Relationship

Victoria and James had a passionate love tale that lasted for 20 years. They two met for the first time in ‘80s in Yoga studio where James was the instructor. James used to do various jobs at that time to meet his ends. Things swiftly escalated as they became best friends and eventually began dating.

Victoria’s Family

James and Charles ended up marrying in 1987, they both always looked to be a happy marriage with a stable family, so when Victoria and James announced about this news, there was a lot of excitement.

They had two children Elijah(1992) and Sebastian(1989). Elijah is currently working as an actor and writer, while Sebastian is director and producer by profession.

Victoria’s ex-husband James

James Todd Spader is an American actor and producer, born on February 7, 1960. He is the son and youngest of three children of Jean Fraser and Stoddard Greenwood Spader. Both mother and father of James was Teachers.

During his childhood, he attended many private institutions, including The Pike School, where his mother was an art instructor. He also spent time at Brooks School, where his also used to work as teacher.He eventually moved to Phillips Academy but dropped out when he was 17 to relocate to New York and pursue his career in film industry.Then he got his first break in “Endless love” (1981). It was quickly followed by “Tuff Tuff” and, finally, his big break with “Pretty in Pink” in 1986.

He has played  various quirky characters in films such as Sex, lies, and Videotape (1989), the controversial psychological thriller Crash (1996), and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln (2012). He also voiced and motion captured the main Character Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Victoria and James Divorce

As much as fans take interest in their favorite celebrities life, celebrities try to keep their life private and limited. James and Victoria is one of them.  They got separated in 2004, there is no reason as such is known, why they broke up.

But there has been rumors about Leslie Stefanson being the reason of their breakup. In 2002, the actor began dating actress Leslie Stefanson. The long-married pair both collaborated on the film Alien Hunter, however Leslie soon ended her career as actress and became sculptor.

Although when asked about the connection in interviews, Spader emphasizes that he is not entering that zone by deflecting the queries.

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