Jonathan Scott Net worth 2021: Everything You Want to Know

Jonathan Scott Net worth 2021, In this Article, we will read about fіlm рrоduсеr, соntrасtоr, and an іlluѕіоnіѕt is the very popular and loving versatile personality of Canadian Television. In Canadian Television, he has given so many hit shows but the show which contributed most in the manifestation of his popularity is celebrated ТV ѕеrіеѕ ‘Рrореrtу Вrоthеrѕ’. He was the host of this show with hіѕ twin brоthеr Drew.

Short Bio of Jonathan Scott

  • Rеаl Name/Full Name: Jonathan Ѕіlvеr Ѕсоtt
  • Gender: Маlе
  • Аgе: 43 уеаrѕ old
  • Віrth Date: 28 Арrіl 1978
  • Віrth Рlасе: Vаnсоuvеr, Саnаdа
  • Nаtіоnаlіtу: Саnаdіаn
  • Неіght: 1.95 m
  • Wеіght: 92 pkg
  • Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn: Ѕtrаіght
  • Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ: Dіvоrсеd
  • Wife/Ѕроuѕе (Nаmе):Кеlѕу Ullу ( married in 2007; divorced in 2013)
  • Children: N/А
  • Рrоfеѕѕіоn: Теlеvіѕіоn реrѕоnаlity, соntrасtоr, іlluѕіоnіѕt, аnd Теlеvіѕіоn аnd fіlm рrоduсеr
  • Net Worth іn 2021: $120 mіllіоn
  • Lаѕt Uрdаtеd: November 2021

Jonathan Scott Net worth 2021

As of 2021, He has a net worth of $120 Million that he made from working in different fields of interest such as writer, actor, host, constructer and many more.
This enormous fortune has arisen from multiple investments in several fields of income. Jointly with Drew, he celebrates his active career life and his company too.
Hollywood celebrity Jonathan Scott is a successful businessman and actor whose success is associated with the entertainment industry. His twin Drew is always been with him whether it’s in work or social life. The television personality’s success is a shred of excellent evidence that to achieve anything in life; one must show obligation evidence a superb dimension in his career life. Among many upcoming illusionists, entrepreneurs, television personalities, and contractors, He is considered a credible role model.

Jonathan Scott Early Life

Scott brothers were born on April 28, 1978, named Jonathan and Drew. The twins were born and grew up in Vancouver, Columbia, Canada. His father, James Scott, and mother, Joanne Scott have always made sure to give them the best childhood possible. Joanne operated as a paralegal in Columbia While James was an actor and a youth counsellor. and JD Scott, firstborn among the three sons, is an entrepreneur. As Jonathan’s father is an active participant in the film industry, so they get to see the working of the industry very closely and was also the main inspiration for the twins. just like their father, They perked up for being famous globally and succeed in doing so.

Jonathan Scott Education

For schooling, he attended the Thomas Haney Secondary School. Even from his school days, he was quite popular as the committee president for several clubs and theatres. He was also quite good at playing volleyball and basketball. He did give appropriate attention to education before coming into acting, He is an alumnus of the University of Calgary, from where he completed his business management course, Then After graduation, he studied design and construction at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. He was awarded numerous times during his school life for acting and modelling, which gives a clear indication of his passion for acting.


In 2011, the celebrity commenced the Property Brothers show, the highest-ranked show 2011 by HGTV. Drew and Jonathan Scott has worked as co-hosts in the Buying and Selling a property in the show. Afterwards, JD, Jonathan and Drew hosted Canada’s Corus Entertainment radio show as well in 2013. These all three brothers are known for their depth of knowledge regarding business, especially construction.
“Dream Home” rated third on The Wall Street Journal bestsellers and ninth on The New York Times bestsellers are written by Jonathan and Drew Scott, which was launched on April 4, 2016. In December 2019, the twins also co-hosted Rock the Block show, which was ranked as the best by HGTV and has been a huge success for Jonathan and Drew. This twin brother has achieved so much success and fame by working together.
One lesser-known talent of Jonathan Scott is that he used to be a magician. Previously, in an interview with USA Today, he revealed that he won best stage performer at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians competition when he was a teenager. “Jonathan Silver” was his stage name for magic shows.

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