5 Amazing Apps of Windows 10 | Latest version | 2021 |

Apps are leading from front in the field of Tech industry.. So today we will get to know about best 7 apps for windows 10 which has benefited us and still creating impact in the field.

1. Any desk :

When it comes in legally accessing the file apps and personal documents Anydesk never step back. It helps us in accessing friends and colleagues pc just the way we use are pc. Nowadays frost of the internet provider use Anydesk to solve technical issue just by siting at their respective locality.

Moreover, Anydesk is the ultimate remote access app for Android giving remote access of desktop connectivity via Android. It’s free for all anyone across the globe can use it. Some of the benefits of Anydesk are as follows:

  •  Customization
  • Personal Support
  •  Easy access to remote desktop
  •   Advanced API
  • Super performance

2. Netflix :

When it comes which is best out platforms, Netflix are always top of the list. And experiencing wide range of movies , web series and shows at high quality i.e 4k Ultra HDR windows 10 provide with this benefit. Netflix application we can easily stream all of your favourite movies and shows.

Whether you want to catch a movie or series on one screen or across multiple monitors, with this software you have the power. Windows 10 have Netflix as their pre installed app so that users can enjoy in wide range.

3. Power Toys :

Power Toys is one of the Microsoft product which can be launced -just press Alt+ Space. It is open source and modular for additional plug-ins also windows walker is also introduced as well in it Rhe app require windows built after 1903.

Moreover Microsoft power Toys is set of utilities for power users to tune their windows 10 to increase its productivity. At present if you want to check that whether it’s available for windows 11 then go to Setting > update and security then check for the updates.

4. VLC ( media player ) :

VLC media player who don’t know about it usually in demand from decades Place where we can watch pre installed movies videos and also mp3 music .It’s just one of the amazing app which Window 10 allows o have in your system.

It’s much better than Microsoft media player as it support all kind of video formats . It is open source software and UI is non distracting and handy to understand and use. The latest version of it is pretty amazing.

5. Dropbox :

When it comes about the security of files we need to save it at safe place and here it comes Dropbox which is an alternative of One drive and Google drive where we usually keep our important documents and files safe.

Dropbox has managed to stay in game with no big company behind it . Dropbox is and online service which allows you to store your files and can access anytime anywhere even your team friends can access it.

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