What is 25th Island of Greece: Meme Explained and Origin

Frequently, we see new memes going viral that makes us google weird things just to be a part of the hype over the new trend. Recently, 25th Island of Greece meme is all over the place specially on Twitter. Netizens are begging their associates to search for the “25th Island of Greece”.

But the craze isn’t about the scenic beauty of the island, its in the name.

The 25th Island of Greece Meme: Explained

If you’re an avid social media user, you must’ve came across this meme a lot by now.

Now, what is the 25th Island of Greece and why is it funny?

The reason is the name, Amorgos that sounds very similar to the popular space game ‘Among Us’ and the fans of the game are finding it hilarious. Among Us memes never seem to end and there’s always a new one every month.

 25th Island of Greece: Origin

The meme is about Twitter asking people to search “What is the 25th Island of Greece” which is a continuation of the trend of googling memes for explanation. Some of the famous one liners are “why are we afraid of chains?” or “which dinosaur has 5000 teeth?”. The latest Amorgos meme is blowing up on Twitter.

Among Us is a famous online game originally released in 2018 which showcases a group of crewmates with certain tasks. The crewmates are assigned to complete all the tasks before the suspicious player kills all of them. The space mates can either win by finishing all the tasks or by calling meetings and voting out the imposter.

The meme has widespread not only on Twitter but also on Instagram, TikTok asking users to search for the 25th Island of Greece.

The Island of Greece situated in Cyclades is Amorgos, even though the name is entirely different from the online game but the fans of the game find it quite similar and exceptionally hilarious.

The continuous viral memes have compelled people to look for Among Us references in their day-to-day lives.


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