Everything About Birgit Wetzinger. Niki Lauda Wife and Everything About Her

Wetzinger was born in Vienna , Austria, on March 4,1979, and she was raised in a Christian household. Birgit Wetzinger Lauda worked as a flight attendant for the ‘Lauda Airlines’ airline. She rose to prominence after donating one of her kidneys to her then-boyfriend Nikki Lauda, whom she met through Lauda’s career in the aviation industry. Nikki Lauda, an Austrian entrepreneur and former Formula One racer, became her husband. She violated the taboo in society by marrying someone who looked exactly like her grandfather.

Wetzinger’s educational background

Regrettably, information on her high school education appears to be kept under wraps to this day. Wetzinger, on the other hand, holds a diploma in aviation from a local university. She opted to pursue a profession as flight attendant immediately after graduating.

How much does she earns???

Following Lauda’s death, Birgit appears to be in charge of all her late husband’s aircraft businesses. She has large net worth of around$3 million, while Lauda’s was recently reported to be worth more than $200 million at the time of his death. His commercial ventures , racing career , and other investments were his main sources of revenue.

Wetzinger’s husband and his death :

On August 25,2008, Wetzinger married Niki Lauda. While Birgit was working as flight attendant for Lauda air ,they became acquainted. They began dating in 2004 , despite the fact the they were 30 years apart in age. Nikki had to suffer from organ failure before they could celebrate their first anniversary. Wetzinger demonstrated her underlying love for Nikki by donating her kidney to save his life. After three years of transplantation, their friendship became stronger. They produced twins after a year of marriage, the son’s name was Max Lauda, and the daughter’s name was Mia Lauda.

Nikki Lauda passed away on May 20,2019, in the university hospital of Zurich, after sleeping and never woke again. After an increased infection in his lungs , he underwent an emergency lung transplant in a Vienna hospital on August 2,2018.

How was her husband’s career?

Nikki is a three time World champion and non executive chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Formula One team. Lauda was a great businessman and pilot. He founded two airlines and continued to pilot their planes until he was in his late sixties. In 1976, he was involved in a tragic accident. On August 1,1976, during the Formula One world championship, his Ferrari crashed off the circuit for unknown reasons. On the famous 22.8 km long Nurburgring circuit in Germany, his Ferrari erupted into flames. Though he was saved in the incident.

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