What Is Happening Between Zayn and Gigi: Reason, Rumors and Fact

The Power couple, Gigi Hadid and and Zayn Malik after being in a relationship of six year, is going through a nasty breakup. According to one of the Zayn Malik’s friend, the relationship which fans adored, was not actually what it appears to be. The friend of Zayn informed The Outlet that “It was a super toxic relationship”.

Timeline of Hadid and Malik’s Relationship

Gigi and Zayn started dating each other in November 2015, although they made the relationship official in April 2016. But the problems between them started in late 2018, even though the knobby ride in the relationship they had Khai in 2020.

Gigi also wrote “Our girl joined us earth-side this weekend and she’s already changed our world. So in love”.  Zayn also twitted the photo of baby girl holding his hand.

Although the fans are disappointed that they are not together anymore, but according to Ellen, sources say “it’s much better that they have separated”.



Everything You Need to Know About!

So, let me take you the part where all this chaos started.

Zayn Malik was accused of grabbing 57-year-old Yolanda Hadid and shoving her against a dresser, This caused Yolanda mental anguish and physical pain. Zayn was continuously cursing Former reality show actor Yolanda and telling her to stay away from his daughter after she accidentally exposed the face of the baby.

According to sources Zayn also yelled at Gigi over the phone and asked her to defend her partner in his own house in a very harsh language.

Zayn Malik entered a plea with four counts of harassment after the incident. The plea means that Zayn refused to admit guilt but he accepted the punishment.

Judge sentenced him to 90 days on probation on each count, or nearly a year in total. Also he must complete an anger management class. He was also ordered to stay away from Yolanda Hadid and also from the security guard which he harassed.

A representative from the side of Gigi Hadid issued statement to People Magazine said “she asks for privacy during this time”.

According to TMZ reports the incident that happened between Yolanada and Zayn, happened on September 29, 2021. On that day Gigi’s mom entered their Pennsylvania property in the absence of Gigi.

Musician Zayn Malik’s sister Waliyha Malik and Safaa Malik, taking their brothers side have been sharing posts on Instagram related to Karma, Marriage and respecting women to support their brother.


Waliyha Posted One from Zayn: The Official Autobiography: “I was always brought up to respect women, both my parents instilled that in me. And in my experience women have been the most intelligent, peaceful and positive influences in my life”.

Another story of  Waliyha said “Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don’t care who you are, What goes around comes around”.

At this moment what Gigi and Zayn requested from the fans is privacy, so that they can heal from this.

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