Top 5 Facts About Joya Tillem, Jon Favreau Wife

Jon Favreau is an American actor, producer and director since 1990’s. As an actor he showed his talent in many blockbuster movies which includes Daredevil, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Break-up and many more high rated movies. Similarly as a director and producers he directed and produced many amazing movies.

Jon Favreau was happily married to Joya Tillem  on November 24, 2000. Joya Tillem is one of the legendary Hollywood stars.

About Joya Tillem :

Joya Tillem was born on May 14, 1970  in California , USA. Joya Tillem is 49 year old lady who is certified medical professional and earns $1 Million (net worth). Her star sign is Tarus. Married to Jon Favreau and mother of three children.

If talking more about her she is a gorgeous lady who does not like to disclose her personal life. Unlike his husband she is not at all interested in movies and other entertainment world.

Facts About Joya Tillem :

Lets have  a look at some of her facts which will best describe about her life and career.

1. Early life and Education

Born in California and grew up in Sonoma. She was raised by her mother and father together. There is no much information about her siblings as she does not like to disclose much about her personal life.

As she performed good in academics she started pursuing for medical and graduated in the year 1987.

2. Wealth of Joya Tillem

She is a doctor by profession  and is  associated with several high profile hospitals in California.

As of early 2020’s her net worth was estimated to be $1 million. She is a successful in her carrer of medical.

3. Life and Career

She grew up in Jewish family in California and performed outstanding in her academics. After grewing up she developed her interest in pursuing a career as a doctor and was succeeded in achieving her goal.

She now is certified doctor and is doing great job in her profession. Her hardwork is now is a result that she is famous doctor . She is also associated with the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

4. Husband- Jon Favreau

Joya met Jon in Los Angeles and started a relationship before breaking in the industry. They both were together for several years and then decided to marry in 2000.

They both are having long lasting marriage since 21 years and hope will have same for years.

5. Personal Life of Joya Tillem

After marrying to Jon Favreau they both were blessed wit three children named  Max Favreau born on 25 July 2001, Madeleine Favreau born in April 2003, and Brighton Rose Favreau born on August 30, 2006.

Five of them makes a perfect family and are living happily.

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