Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229: Release Date and Read Manga Online

A Japanese manga series “Tokyo Revengers”, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017and due to its huge fandom, it’s converted into an anime television series by Liden Films and aired from April to September 2021. Recently, A live-action film transformation has broadcasted in Japan in July 2021.

Release Date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229

As per the latest updates, Chapter 229 of Tokyo Revengers will be released on Wednesday, November 3, 2021. Senju told South that she would deal with him, and South was glad to face BRAHMAN’s leader. The new chapter of South vs. Senju will begin in the upcoming chapters of Tokyo Revengers because Waka and Benkei have been defeated.

Where to Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229 Online

Viewers can read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229 online on other platforms as Tokyo Revengers Manga hasn’t revealed the official website yet to access the latest chapters. But on Wednesday, a new chapter will be released, and since the region’s times are different, so in some countries, it will be Tuesday.


In the previous chapter of Tokyo Revengers, we had witnessed the battle between Terano, Waka, and Benkei and all was charged at each other with enormous force, even foreshadowing the very first battle of Tokyo Revengers. As at first, the cards were piled up against South, he found himself in dilemma to hit either Waka or Benkei. Waka because of great speed, dodged South’s punch effortlessly and exhibited excellent acrobatic skills and smoothly managed to land a kick straight at his face. Then as South was managing to recover, suddenly Benkei rushed at him with brute pressure and took him flying. This dynamic duo of Brahman with an amazing combination of their strength is ideally taken down South. But South wasn’t someone who take defeat that easily, he jumped to his feet and warned him he had got a taste of violence when he killed his father. Then instantly without loss of a single sweat, he overthrew the dynamic duo. Everyone was amazed at his strength as Akashi screamed that he was a monster.

South asked Mikey if he comprehended his urges since Mikey had also given in to his dark desires. In the middle of the fight, Senju came out as the saviour of this duo and apologized to Waka for jumping into action and challenging Terano for the fight and giving belief to them that she would deal with him all by herself. Now we all are craving for what this fight will bring more to the series.


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