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One the Woman is one of the famous South Korean Television Series originally which was released in the month of September 2021 . The series get positive reviews from the critics and audience. Fans are eager to know that what is going to happen next.

Finally the season 1 of the series is out and some episode have been aired both locally and globally, Fans are curious enough by seeing the episodes of it and they want to know what will the release date of One the woman Episode 15.

What will be the Release Date?

Till now 14 episode of One the Woman is released and fans wants to know what is going to happen next as the ending of Episode 14 create suspense related to next episode. So finally from the sources the release date of episode 15 is out.

The episode 15 of One the Woman will be releasing on 1st week of November, 2021 10pm KST, so the countdown begins as wait is over and it’s just matter of couple of hours and we will able to stream the latest episode.

Where to watch the Episode 15?

As the episode 15 of One the Woman will be releasing on 1st week of November, 2021. The series is one of the most trending and liked among the audience and now the question is where to watch it.

Local viewers can watch the live streaming of One the Woman episode 15 on  SBS channel sharp at 10pm KST and in case you forget to watch it then it will be available on Wavve but it is only accessible in South Korea.

Moreover for global fans the episode will be live streaming on

  • Viki
  • Kocowa

with English subtitles both online platforms have mobile application access, so it will be reliable to watch our favorite dramas.

Ending of Episode 14?

As all the predictions were right, The paternity test between Yeon Joo and chairman Kang Jung Soo matches, making her his biological daughter which later on comes true a parent.

Yeon Joo is chairman Kang’s biological daughter like Kang Mi Na. From the beginning the audience were not curious connection between Yeon-Joo and Mi Na. As the theories which were made were true and Now the episode 15 will create a great impact in upcoming epiosdes.

Just wait for the upcoming episode which will be releasing on 1st week of November.

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