Mieruko Chan Episode 8: Release Date and Watch Online

Episode 8 of the horror comedy based anime Mieruko Chan will be released on one of the alternative Sunday’s that is on November 21,2021. Audience will get connected with the story on every Sunday with the release of new episodes. So, for episode 8 you have to wait till the above mentioned date.

Let’s get some details about the backline of the story:


Milo had been distraught, along with her younger brother Kyouske, as their father passed away, nonetheless, her mother remained by their sides. Her parent’s are too protective. She immediately met with the Shrine God, who is in charge of presenting the wishes of those who pray to him. Milo also had interactions with Shrine Spirits, creatures who serve the shrine by fulfilling the wishes of those who pray to him. Inside her neighborhood is an aged woman, Mistue, who owns a store.

As a result, Yuria is eager to join Mitsue’s understudy program. She keeps it a secret from Milo and Hana till they meet in excessive school. Yuria first saw Milo as a competition and a threat in her quest for success. When Yuria confronts Milo about it, Milo denies knowing anything about it, leading Yuria to believe Milo is playing with her life because she wants to be fortune teller.
Yuria has learned to realize and recognize Milo’s intents by the end of the novel. When Hana fell ill and suffered from religious draining, the two of them became friends and looked after her. She is Yuria’s best pal and attempts to bring the two of them closer together by reminding them not to bully one another.

Who are the anime creators?

The anime is directed by Yuzi Ogawa and Takahiro Majima. The TV anime series Mieruko Chan is written by Kenta Iahara and music is added by Kana Utatne . Mieruko Chan will have a total of 12 episodes from 3 October 2021 to 19 December 2021. About 4 of the episodes are released yet and the most recent one will release on 31 October, 2021. There might be some delay in any of the episodes release date which will be notified further.

Networks for watching it online:

People of United Nations, Australia, Mexico, and Brazil can watch the anime legally on funimation available with english subtitles and originally dubbed. For the Asian audience the show is legalised on Muse Asia. They upload new episodes on their YouTube channels provided by subtitles in Chinese, Malay, Thai and English. On Boli Boli TV the show is availed for people of China and Taiwan.

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