Martial Peak Chapter 1622: Release Date and Read Manga Online

The Chinese web novel Martial Peak Chapter 1622 has already released and can be found in various online sites. It is written by Chinese author Momo (莫默). The series is available in English by Divine Dao Library on its official page. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular phone series. Fan are excited for the further releases.

Plot of Martial Peak

The novel has Yang Kai as the main character who somehow manages to gain a black book and sets upon a journey to Martial Peak. High Heaven Pavilion tests everyone and only the strongest and virtuous survive. The journey has numerous obstacles and only the greatest enter the world of Martials.

Yang Kai is the main character of the novel and was a Trial Disciple of the High Heaven Pavilion and the ninth Young master of the Yang Family. He has 8 wives who accompany him on his journey and managed to mark his victory against Territory Lord.

Martial Peak Chapter 1622: Release Date

Martial Peak Chapter 1622 has released and is available. It’s called Hiding on Divine Dao Library’s official website. The chapter can also be found under the name Space Spirit Jade.

Martial Peak Chapter 1622: Where to read?

The martial arts Chinese novel Martial Peak is available on Divine Dao Library for English translations. It is originally published on Quidian. The novel has plenty of translations in other languages which is also available on various other websites.

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