King Affection Episode 9: Release Date and Watch Online

The” King’s Affection” is a historical romance-based drama series that originated in South Korea written and directed by Han Hee-Jung and Song Hyun-wook. the original creators of this worldwide popular drama are Ki Min-soo and Hong Seok-gu. The premiere of this series was on October 11, 2021, and since the very episode of this series, fans have loved it. After watching all previous releases, fans can’t wait any longer for new episodes to be released soon. Here are all updates for you regarding the upcoming episode 9 of “King Affection”.

Release Date of “King Affection” Episode 9

Episode 9 of “King Affection” is going to release on November 8, 2021. The King’s Affection is released every Monday and Tuesday on Netflix. Fans are eager to watch the new episodes and desperately waiting to hit them on streaming platforms. The courtship and the twists that surround this show make it worth eyeing.

Where to Watch Online”King Affection” Episode 9

Originally, all episodes of “ The Kings Affection” were broadcast on the South Korean cable Netflix KBS2.and international viewers can watch this Korean drama on Netflix with a subscription.

The storyLine of “King Affection”

This 20 episodes series” King Affection” is a historical romance revolving around Princess Consort of the Joseon Dynasty who is all determined to spare the life of her daughter Yi-Hwi, as everyone in the dynasty is trying to murder her as giving birth to twins is not at all approved in her kingdom and contemplated to be a sin. So, as the last resolve to save her daughter Yi-Hwi, Princess Consort has disguised her as Lee Hwi, her son, as Lee Hwi, her son dies in one war.

But Yi-Hwi, who is in the disguise of Lee Hwi, has already fallen in love with her tutor Ji-un, the latter being unaware of her real character. What future would it bring for Yi-Hwi and for the dynasty, when her identity will be revealed. Will she be able to find her love and save her kingdom or it will all turn into a disaster as her mother fears from the beginning. Upcoming episodes might come with answers to all our questions.

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