High Class Episode 18: Release Date and Watch Online

The release of the series started from 6 September, 2021 and have reached till episode 16. The story is proceeded ahead on every Monday and Tuesday by the release of new episodes on these particular days. The lovers have to wait for the rest of the days to know further about the story. Let’s know about the cast, crew and creators of the Korean drama.

High-class cast and crew:

  • Cho Yeo Jung as Song Yeo Wool
  • Kim Jee Soo as Nam Ji Sun
  • Park Se Jin as Hwang Na Yoon
  • Ha Joon as Danny Oh
  • Gong Hyun Joo as Cha Do Young
  • Lee Ka Eun as Rachel Cho HSC International School teacher
  • Lee Chae Min as Ahn Seung Jo Ji Sun’s assistant
  • Kim Young Jae as Lee Jeong Woo Ji Sun’s husband / Plastic surgeon
  • Choi Bo Geun as Lee Jun Mo Ji Sun’s son
  • Yoon In Jo as Young Joo
  • Choi Sung Joon as Kwak Sang Gun Do Young’s husband
  • Seo Jung Yeon as Shim Ae Soon VIP-only maid
  • Jang Sun Yool as An Yi Chan Yeo Wool’s son
  • Kim Ji Yoo as Lee Jun Hee Ji Sun’s daughter
  • Park So Yi as Hwang Jae In Na Yoon’s daughter
  • Seo Yun Hyuk as Kwak Shi Woo Sang Gun’s & Dong Young’s son
  • Kang Yun Jung as Sung Kyung Ah
  • Woo Hyun Joo as Do Jin Sul
  • Kwon Hyuk as Gu Yong Hoe
  • Kim Sung Tae as Alex Comer
  • Kim Jin Yeop as Jung Mi Do Chef
  • Kim Nam Hee as Ahn Ji Yong
  • Park Eun Hye as Ji Sun’s sister
  • Baek Ji Won as Agency director
  • Cha Ji Won as Interview translater
  • Lee Ja Ryung as Gangnam school teacher
  • Lee Seung Hyung as Yeo Wool’s colleague
  • Hong Suk Bin as Staff
  • Jeon Yeo Jin as Staff
  • Park Seon Joo as Parent
  • Seon Yool Woo as Detective
  • Lee Young Jin as Chef
  • Jeon Soo Yeon as Parent
  • Kim Yong Jin as Administration Staff
  • Kim Jin as Florist
  • Han Bo Reum as Do Young’s old friend
  • Song Hoon as Nam Ji-Sun’s ex-husband
  • Jang Ga Hyun as Saleswoman
  • Bae Yoo Ri as Nam Ji-Sun’s ex-husband’s Wife
  • Choi Moon Kyung as Nurse
  • Hong Dae Sung as Police Officer
  • Park Yong as Priest
  • Jang Joon Ho as Station Chief
  • Jung Hyun Seok as Doctor
  • Kim Oh Bok as Security Company Employee
  • Jung Young Joo as Maggie Chen Wan Chai group

About the creators:

High Class is a South Korean series directed by Choi Byeong gill and ChoYei-Jeong, Kim Ji Soo and Kim Young jae. The music in the series is added by Kenzie & Yi Na-il and is written by Storyholic. The most recent episode is released on 26 October 2021. Containment in the story is based on mystery, suspense, drama and lies. There may be any delay in the release of new episodes.

Where you can watch High Class online:

Vifi is one of the famous streaming services which focus mainly on Asian content. As the site is free one need not to pay to watch videos on it.

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