High Class Episode 17: Release Date and Watch Online

The release of the series started from 6 September, 2021 and have reached till episode 16. The story is proceeded ahead on every Monday and Tuesday by the release of new episodes on these particular days. The lovers have to wait for the rest of the days to know further of the story.

About the creators:

High Class is a South Korean series directed by Choi Byeong gill and ChoYei-Jeong, Kim Ji Soo and Kim Young jae. The music in the series is added by Kenzie & Yi Na-il and is written by Storyholic. The most recent episode is released on 26 October 2021. Containment of the story is based on mystery, suspense, drama and lies. There may be any delay in the release of new episodes which will be informed according to the updates.

Recap of the story:

The hazardous lies and hypocrisies hidden underneath the immaculate lifestyles of the women who live in the top 0.1 percent of society are the subject of this mystery thriller drama. When Song Yeo wool is falsely accused of her husband’s murder, she loses her everything. Nam Ji Sun, the “queen bee” among the mother’s at Song Yeo Wool’s son’s international school. Danny Oh , a former ice hockey player and teacher at the institution. Song Yeo Wool’s lone friend is Hwang Na Yoon, a single mother Cha Do Young, a former top actress who stalks Nam Ji Sun in the hopes of reclaiming her place in the spotlight.The story starts as Yeo-ul loses her husband due to a terrible accident and moves to an Island for her son’s schooling.

Where you can watch High Class online:

Vifi is one of the famous streaming services which focus mainly on Asian content. As the site is free one need not to pay to watch videos on it. Some of the reports from invisible Asia shows that Dramacool, KissAsian , Dramanice , Dramafire and Dramago are illegal. There are many websites on whom watching videos are legal then why should one go for illegal ones. We don’t advise one to watch on illegal one as on legal you get data securities.
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