Blue Period Episode 5: Release Date, Spoiler, Watch Online

Blue Period episode 5 will be released on October 30,2021. Fans are excited for the upcoming episodes.

Previously in episode 4, Yataro is seen to be struggling to create his identity in the art world, as he tries make sense what art means for him, what’s the importance of art in his life. In a class of art he tries to replicate a painting, but after seeing the painting he is confused, what exactly is the meaning of the picture? what is the picture trying to convey. Some flashbacks scenes are also shown between him and Hakura where they talk about gaze directions.

Hakura tells him about a unique technique, which directs an audience’s attention smoothly to specific details, this also reminds Yataro about three elements of art that are essential, that he acquired from Mayu.

We see Yataro in the class of Ooba, as Yataro enters the class he sees everyone dressed as thugs, although Ooba welcomes everybody irrespective of their looks. While entering into to the class Yataro bumps into a new girl (Kuwana), they both fall inside the class. As the class starts, Ooba asks students to draw five paintings over the span of 10 days. And then student discovers that their painting will be evaluated by the oil painter instructors. It also came to our knowledge that the new girl has got some amazing skills.

What Will Happen In Episode 5?!

As we know Yataro still doesn’t have clear picture about his passion and attraction towards art, he is still confused. As Takashi is exhausted with the cram school, he declares that he is quitting the school, but Yataro focuses on pros of cram school while convincing him not to do that. From Takashi’s point of view cram school is not what they thought, the only teach the art that is praised and accepted in different school, and not what the student desires for.

Period Episode 5: Release Date

Blue Period Episode 5 titled- “I know what to Do, I Just Don’t Know If I Can Do It” will be aired on  Tuesday, October 30, 2021. Blue Period Episode 5 Will be streamed at 02:00 AM JST. Fans are impatiently waiting for the upcoming episodes, as Yataro is amused to see other classmates using secret weapons for painting, what is going to be Yataro weapon ?! what you guys think about it, let us know in comment section.

Blue Period Episode 5: Where to watch ??

The the upcoming episode 5 of blue period is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation, at 1:25 AM JST. For international fans the episode 5 of Blue Period is also available on Netflix, although the Dub episodes are not available right now.


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