5G Technology: The Next-Gen mobile network. Everything you need to know

Technology has made impossible possible it’s just because of advancement we have got in couple of decades. In the last decade 4G network has become common among the mobile users across the globe. 4G is now completely reliable to access among all.

At present we can access to different social media platforms like What’s app and Instagram and many more whether it’s all about socially or physically companies are benefited by the connectivity o 4G network. But as we know everything is meant to be change.


What is 5G Network?

5G is fifth generation wireless technology which ensures to provide high speed and connectivity as compare to 4G. It’s something different which is going to create huge success to tech industry and provide opportunities to people and business across the globe.

Higher the bandwidth higher will be the connectivity among the people around the world, fast connections could lead to transformation among various companies and helps in economic growth of the country and across the nation.

5G will helps in ensuring a safer and sustain future which will be deal with handing the problems related to mankind.

What makes 5G different from other Network?

Although the 5G works with the same frequencies that were used earlier for mobile networks and wireless connectivity or satellite c ommunications. Apart from downloading the high quality movies and series in few seconds now it could be done without any lag and can be tracked and estimated in real time which could be more reliable.

5G is will go beyond our expectations. It’ something different  which will take the world to next level.

Merits of 5G Network:

Listed below are the merits of 5G Network:

  • Upgrade in Speed : The main reason which could lead to the end of 4G network is lack in speed access. Moreover 5G will reflect as significant increase in speed which will put beyond 4G.
  • Increase Bandwidth : With increase in speed capacity now it will be easy in transmission of data compare of 4G Network.
  • Increase in Capacity : 5G promises to deliver 1000 times more capacity then 4G which is great success in Tech Industry.

De-Merits of 5G Network:

Listed below are the De-merits of 5G Network:

  • Insufficient Infrastructure : For the proper functioning of 5G Network requires investment and infrastructure which helps in increase the bandwidth and expand the coverage.
  • Risk in Security : Even after the settlement of 5G Network their could result in data leaking with requires proper Data Management.
  • Immediate Obsolescence : At present devices are capable of supporting 4G Network and if so 5G arises then the biggest challenge would be supporting system.

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