Digimon Ghost Game Episode 05: Release Date and Watch Online

Digimon Ghost Game Episode 5 release date has not been officially announced yet. However, it is expected to release on 7th November 2021.
Digimon Ghost Game is a Japanese Anime television series. It is the ninth anime series in the Digimon franchise. This series is directed by Kimitoshi Chioka Masato Mitsuka.

The plot of the series.

In the neighborly future, new technology has come up. On social media, rumors are getting viral, related to the unauthentic incident referred to as “Hologram Ghosts”. A guy named Hiro Amanokawa is a middle school freshman at Academy called Hazakura. The guy finds a device called ” Digivice” left behind by his father, he activates it. That device has the effect of making unknown creatures that cannot be seen by ordinary people, the Digimon.
Hiro meets a mischievous Digimon named Gammamon who is entrusted Hiro by his father, Hiro caught him up in various strange incidents such as A man with a sewn mouth stealing time from human beings, a mummy man wanders around every night and kidnaps humans… The hologram ghosts are all around them and take them for granted. From now on, here is the story of this other side of the world that nobody is aware of. With their friends, Hiro and Gammamon dive into the mysterious world where these creatures live.

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When will the Digimon Ghost Game will release??

The release date for the upcoming episode of Digimon Ghost Game has not been confirmed till now. But, the creators of the show have assured all the fans that they can expect episode 05 to release on 7th November 2021. This announcement has got all the fans excited and they are keenly looking forward to its release with bated breath. This is the last episode. Let’s see how the conclusion of this series is.

Where to watch online??

The latest and upcoming episodes of Digimon Ghost Game can be easily accessed on various platforms such as Anime Bubble and Crunchyroll. The original network for this new anime series is FNS (Fuji TV, Kansai TV, Tokai TV). Toei Animation Inc. Do not forget to share your views about the Digimon Ghost Game. We would love to know whether you are liked the series or not?

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