Kings Affection Episode 8: Release Date, Spoiler and More

This Historical romantic Korean drama “Kings Affection” beautifully depicts the story of the Joseon Dynasty, the Crown Princess Consort gives birth to twins as, during this dynasty, it considers being evil to give birth to twins so she sends the girl away to save her life. After passing some years, the twin son dies in an accident and the mother tells the daughter to must assume his brother’s identity and throne, all while hiding her true self.

Fans from all over the world are excited to see what chaos and love twist will be shown in upcoming episodes as Lee Hwi is developing feelings for her teacher, Jung Jilin. Till now Jung-Ji has no clue about her real identity.

Release Date of Kings Affection Episode 8

The King’s Affection’ episode 8 will release on November 2, 2021, at 10:30 am ET on Netflix and it’s confirmed that the first season of the series has 20 episodes.

Where to Watch Kings Affection Episode 8

Originally, all episodes of “ The Kings Affection” were broadcast on the South Korean cable Netflix KBS2.and international viewers can watch this Korean drama on Netflix.

Spoilers of Kings Affection Episode 8

The previous episode of this popular Korean drama opens with an intense conversation between Yi-hwi and Ji-un as they are trying to make a guess of what it is that Ga-on and Bok-dong are concealing. Yi-hwi lies to Ji-un about the disappearance because of the fear of revealing her identity. Currently, Ji-un is under the impression that Dam-i has died of an illness and then he is acquainted with the Minister of Personnel’s request of his resignation.

The upcoming episode will show the aftermath of Yi-hwi’s impressive entrance into the courtroom, where Ji-un anticipates his fate. Yi-hwi most clearly has a trick up her sleeve that could save her instructor from undeservingly being punished. We will learn what happened to Ji-un’s friends. Meanwhile, Yi-hwi gives birth to feelings for Ji-un, who is oblivious of her real identity. Will Yi-hwi be able to save her cover as well as a crown?

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