7 Facts About Yaron Varsano, Gal Gadot Husband.

For those who don’t know about Yaron varsano, here are some interesting facts about him. Yaron varsano is a successful businessman. He is married to Gal gadot. Let’s find more about him. Here are some clips from his wedding.

1. About his childhood

Yaron varsano was born on 28th June 1975. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His father, Daniel varsano is a popular real estate developer in Tel Viv. His mother, Irit varsano is a housemaker. He is the eldest amongst the brothers. He has a younger brother named Guy varsano.

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2. Education

Yaron varsano graduated from the New York Institute of Technology. Whereas he studied at the International School of Israel. He relocated to Tel Viv, Israel with his brother, Guy varsano, and the two brothers founded their own real estate company.

3. Career and business

After completing his education in New York City, he returned to Israel and started to work on a hotel with his brother. As a real estate developer and businessman, he was the owner of the hotel. Both his brother and him worked on the hotel so much that it was very profitable.

4. Relationship with Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is a film producer, model, and Israeli actress, she won the Miss Israel crown at the age of 18. She served for two years in Israel Defense Force. she is known for her amazing work in wonder woman movie and many more movies.
Gal Gadot and Yaron varsano met at a yoga party organized in Israel.

5. Marriage.

After some time, while their second date. Varsano mentioned that he is serious about the relationship and he can’t wait for more than two years. Gadot was quite confused as the age gap was about ten years. But they got married in the same year in which he proposed. They got married in the year 2008.

6. About their cute kids.

This power couple is also proud parents. They have three cute daughters. They welcomed their first daughter, Alma varsano in the year 2011, the second daughter, Maya varsano was born in 2017, and their third daughter, Daniella varsano was born in 2021.

7. He is a fan of Red Hot Chilli Peppers

As the husband of an actress from the entertainment industry, we should talk about his likes from this industry. Yaron varsano is a die heart fan of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Discussing their 90s gits and their most recent works, it seems that he is a fan for a long time.

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