Invasion Episode 4: Release Date, Spoiler, Watch Online

The first three episodes of Invasion, a science fiction series that pursues the stories of ostensibly ordinary people around the globe as the whole world encounters an alien Invasion have been released on 22 October 2021.  Fans are eagerly waiting for Episode 4 titled “The King Is Dead” of this big-budget sci-fi, directed by Jakob Verbruggen and Amanda Marsalis.

Invasion Episode 4 Release Date

On October 29, 2021, at midnight. ET on Apple TV+ ‘Invasion’ episode 4 is all set to premiere and further seven episodes of the first season are scheduled to air weekly on Fridays.

Where to Watch Invasion Episode 4 Online?

You can catch ‘Invasion’ episode 4 exclusively on Apple TV+ or any other Apple TV+ series on the platform with the free 7-day trial. After 7 days, a subscription will cost $4.99/month.

Spoilers of Invasion Episode 4

As we have seen till Episode 3’Orion’ story of Mitsuki goes back to the work and discovers the video of the crew members’ last moment and realises that they saw something big coming toward their shuttle. Ward almost dying in the desert due to dehydration and severe injuries but luckily a local man saves his life. Aneesha and Ahmed‘s marriage continues to fall apart. Monty lies about his father’s abusive behaviour and uses this information to force Casper to vote for him when the group picks its leader.

In episode 4,‘The King Is Dead,’ as group leader Monty might become even more authoritarian than it already is and he will surely try to prevent others from aiming to scale the walls of the hole. Ultimately, Casper will take the initiative and climb out, urging the others to follow suit. They will realize that the accident wasn’t Casper’s fault after all, after exiting the hole, they will see the debris from the Russian satellite that fell to Earth.

Luke might run away after being frustrated with his constantly fighting parents. Ward will likely succeed in finding one of the remaining members of his unit and will try to get the other soldier to safety amidst encountering heavy enemy fire. Meanwhile, Mitsuki might be able to hold her love.

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