Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021: Career and Famous Scandal!!!
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Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021: Career and Famous Scandal!!!

Monica Lewinsky is a living example of the saying, ‘Any publicity is good publicity or ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Lewinsky became a world-known personality after being involved in probably the scandal of the decade back in the 1990s. Read to know more about the Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021.

Her illicit affair with the then American president Bill Clinton shocked the entire world. Monica today, is an author, public speaker, psychologist, entrepreneur, and anti-bullying activist. Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021: $1.5 million. Although Monica Lewinsky’s net worth is available, other details about her personal life are not.

Know About Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021

Monica used the worst phase in her life to her advantage. With the affair being exposed, her life took a 180 – degree turn and she became a world-recognized public figure overnight. She received various endorsement deals and earned decent revenue from her various television appearances.

Monica published her book, ‘Monica’s Story, and earned $1 Million for it with $500,000 being paid in advance. Her entrepreneurial instincts saw her establishing a handbag line. She found a new career as a designer. International Rights earned Monica $1 Million. It is reported that her net worth is around $1.5 Million.

'The Intern' Monica Lewinsky : Net Worth 2021, Career and The Scandal

The career Of Monica Lewinsky

The scandal brought a lot of embarrassment for Monica but it also brought opportunities along with it. The entire world viewed her as a kind of celebrity and wanted to know about her personal life. Her interview with Barbara Walters is still the second-most-watched interview in Television History. She appeared on various guest shows like ‘Saturday Night Live’, ‘The Tom Green Show’, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, ‘The View’ and ‘V Graham Norton’. She appeared in various commercials for Jenny Craig Inc. and also hosted the reality show, ’Mr. Personality’. Monica also had her own show ‘Monica’s Postcards.

After disappearing for almost a decade, Lewinsky returned to the spotlight. She appeared in National Geographic’s special, ‘The 90s: The Last Great Decade’. Read to know more about the Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021. She also gave a TED talk on cyber-bullying and is currently working as a producer on Ryan Murphy’s ‘American Crime Story’ for its third season.

The Famous Scandal Of Monica Lewinsky

Monica started working in the White House as an unpaid intern but her impressive work soon found her earning a paid position in the House. Lewinsky started spending time around the President and they reportedly had nine sexual encounters though it is said that the encounters did not include intercourse. Monica and President Bill both denied the allegation earlier. It was only after the presenting of various proofs by Kenneth Starr, an independent counselor, that Lewinsky and Bill accepted the claims. Read to know more about the Monica Lewinsky Net Worth 2021. This destroyed the public figure of President Bill as he lied under Oath and also to the American Public. Monica will always go down in the history as the intern who almost led a President to impeachment.

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