Jacob Mendez
Jacob Mendez

#185 Pełnia Bluesa: Knedlove announce a new album. “More claw”

KnedloveThat is Eliza Sicińska and Kacper Chmura is a music and life duo that has expanded this year into a quartet with a double bass and drums. They draw from many sources: soul, folk, jazz, blues; but really they’re just playing themselves. Each concert of Eliza and Kacper is a unique adventure full of musical ecstasy and an absurd sense of humor. Their songs are stories in which it is extremely easy to get lost.

The band has been active since 2021 and has released a debut album and performed at festivals both in Poland and abroad, including: Suwałki Blues Festival, Valašský špalíček in the Czech Republic or Planet Laugarvatn in Iceland.

Now they are preparing for the premiere of their second album titled “The triumph of art over reason”, which they recorded with much greater panache. They invited five musicians to cooperate, who made their music sound full force on the new album. They are: Borys Sawaszkiewicz, Adam Partyka, Miłosz Skwirut, Bartosz Kołodziejski. Michał Bigulak supervised the production of the album.

The first single promoting the new release is available from February 2 – “A little more”.

The song opens with a characteristic guitar riff. The song is based on melodic guitar licks and vocal lines. The text talks about how beautiful and easy our lives can become if we only open ourselves to love and trust each other.

– Our music has become more dynamic since we started working on the new album. There’s more edge to it. We wanted to expand the instrumentation, so we invited other musicians to collaborate on the album. To make it sound – they say to Interia.