50 People Killed In A Bomb Explosion At The Girls School In Afghanistan!!!

50 People Killed In A Bomb Explosion At The Girls School In Afghanistan!!!

More than 30 people were killed in West KABUL, Afghanistan as a bomb exploded near a girl’s school. The attack was condemned by the Taliban aiming at the civilians. The case is currently under investigation. Many Ambulances were spotted near the scenes, many 14 to 15 years old were injured. Meanwhile, Naser Rahimi said that there were three separate explosions which are not confirmed yet.

Many attacks happened in the neighborhood before and it was claimed by the Afghan Islamic State affiliate. This incident has not been claimed yet. Besides, the IS was blamed by Washington for the past attacks which happened in a maternity hospital because of which pregnant women and newborn babies were killed. A gang attacked the ambulances and the workers while they were evacuating the wounded in Dasht-e-Barchi.

What Is The Cause Of This Attack?

There is news that there are at least 20 dead bodies that can be seen with the victims’ families and the other wounded people. Many images from the spot are circulating on social media. The picture showed the smoke coming and some injured people. Many people were lined up to donate blood outside the Muhammad Ali Jinnah Hospital. There are possibilities that the death numbers can be increased.

50 People Killed In A Bomb Explosion At The Girls School In Afghanistan!!!

The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid commented that this can be done by the Islamic State group as none of the others claimed responsibility. Afghanistan’s intelligence agency was accused of being complicit with IS by Mujahid. IS has claimed only for some incidents. They have claimed the attack that was made on the educational facilities caused more than 50 lives of which most of them were students. They have impaired in Afghanistan and they are mainly against the Shiite Muslims and women workers. Three working women were killed in eastern Afghanistan.

The Aftermath Of The Attack:

More than 2,500 to 3,500 American battalions have officially turned on moving out of the country. As per the information, it is said that they will be done by the end of September. The attacks started happening as the troops started moving out. There is news that the Afghan government will have to face bad outcomes and an uncertain future in the coming years. 

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