One Piece Chapter 1015: Spoiler Leak Online Does Luffy Chopper Survive?

One Piece Chapter 1015: Spoiler Leak Online Does Luffy Chopper Survive?

One Piece is also one of the most famous manga series in the world, with millions of fans eagerly anticipating each new One Piece Chapter 1015. Due to spoilers, disclosures, and fan forecasts, the One Piece manga can peak on social media many days until the next official publication.

What Is The Release Date For One Piece Chapter 1015?

One Piece chapter 1015 will be released on Sunday, June 6th.

Storyline: Spoiler Alert

So the last episode focused mostly on Kaido and Luffy’s struggle, One Piece 1015 is likely to reveal some important disclosures and resolve the cliffhangers from the previous chapters. Despite the fact that the narrative description for One Piece Chapter 1015 will not be released any time soon, a Twitter account called “OROJAPAN” posted the chapter’s spoilers in one of their most recent tweets.

One Piece Chapter 1015: Spoiler Leak Online Does Luffy Chopper Survive?

‘Chains’ is the name of the chapter, and it begins with Luffy slipping into the water. Chopper has been attacked by Queen on the Live Floor, and he is crying in agony, while the Minks and Samurais tend to lose faith. Queen declares that they have had enough of games and strikes Chopper with artificial canines erupting from Queen’s lips.

From nothing, Sanji emerges and smacks Queen in the face. Sanji uses a new move called Rotisserie to whirl Queen across the room and blow out Perospero, breaking her teeth. As he moves up to fight Queen again, Sanji pushes Zoro across to Chopper and instructs him to cure Zoro. Kaidou is ready to pursue Momonosuke and Shinobu when he is stabbed by a bleeding Kinemon.

Kaidou questions how he’s been battling after the war is done, and then injures Kinemon in the heart with his katana. Momonosuke commitment to hold Mary from the last chapter and transmits a word from Luffy to the entire island. Momonosuke and Shinobu soon sync up with Kaidou and resolve to leap from the bluff into the sea. The scene shifts to Luffy getting hauled from the ocean by Law’s men. Kaidou is going to stand on the tower at the end of this episode when Yamato tends behind him and tells him that he is “here to split my connection” with him.

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