Apple Smartwatch: Future In Hand With Amazing Features And Much More!!!

Apple Smartwatch: Future In Hand With Amazing Features And Much More!!!

The history of the Apple Smartwatch can be traced back many years, as Apple emerged as the top smart watchmaker in the world. Now, the future apple smartwatches will be much more than expected and be able to detect things like blood sugar,  alcohol level, etc.

Apple Smartwatch is the ultimate device for a healthy life. Available in three models: Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Series 3.

The Starting Of Apple Smartwatch

Before, Apple introduced its smartwatch into the market there were several other players who have tried their hands on this such as Microsoft SPOT ( Smart Personal Object Technology) released in 2004. Is claimed to be one of the first true smartwatches.

Particularly Apple’s first smartwatch was introduced by the then CEO Tim Cook officially in April 2015, in combination with I phone 6.

Upgradation and Advancement 

Apple is among the most trusted mobile phone brands today. And the reason behind this is the quality they deliver with every product,  after the launch of the first apple watch the company announced a new series of apple watch every year in 2016, apple series watch 2 was released in combination with I phone 7 and I phone 7 plus. It had better features including GPS, dual-core processor, etc. 

Apple Smartwatch: Future In Hand With Amazing Features And Much More!!!

By this time, the company has shifted its strategy towards manufacturing smartwatches that can improve the health and fitness of the user The third generation of the apple watch was again a big hit, as the features were woven around health enhancement, it was released with I phone 8. The series four watches have features like fall detection, a large display screen, etc. 

Current Scenario 

Currently,  the craze of apple watches is still high in terms of fitness gadgets. Making things convenient for the user overtaking smartphones.  Apple watches were featured in Times magazine as the 25 best inventions of 2014.

The future apple watches are believed to have the most mind-blowing features such as measuring blood sugar level, glucose, and alcohol level in the body by the use of infrared light. However,  the model design is still a mystery. Apple is working on a rugged variant which will be called “explorer edition”

The new version or the future version will be built with a sensor design company called Rockley Phonetics the new product will be introduced in the market possibly by 2022.

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